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A life of plenty

Passion, people and purpose are at the heart of health food company Table of Plenty.

Life is a precious gift. This truth hit home for Kate Weiss after she gave birth to a daughter with a disability. Rediscovering a passion for life, she dove into research into food, nutrition and wellbeing – which led to the creation of Table of Plenty.

Table of Plenty make a delicious range of snacks and cereals and is always looking for new ways to innovate with spice. With a multi-million dollar turnover and products that are stocked both in major Australian supermarkets and supermarkets overseas, Kate’s vision is to inspire and lead a move towards healthy and nourished living, which she describes as living a ‘Life of Plenty’.

Kate truly believes that there is no greater motivation than to find what you are good at and to work for a cause greater than yourself. Table of Plenty was designed with this in mind and has created many tens of thousands of hours of work for people with a disability. “We want to see everyone get the best chance at life,” explains Kate.

She has won a number of awards for her work, including Telstra National Business Women’s Award: Business Owner, InStyle Women of Style Business Award, Brainlink Women of Achievement Finalist, Melbourne Design Awards, Gold award among them.

We asked Kate to tell us a little more about her business and strategies for success.

Kate Weiss, founder of Table of Plenty

“Through this journey, I reconnected to my passion for life and my creativity through my love of food and nutrition.”

On starting her own business and working in nutrition

The bigger your purpose, the greater your fuel. Table of Plenty was created at a time when my life was thrown a big challenge. My first child Amy was born with a disability. It was out of this turmoil that I looked deep inside and turned adversity into opportunity. I believe that our challenges are often signposts to what we need to address in our lives.

Through this journey, I reconnected to my passion for life and my creativity through my love of food and nutrition. I believe that being the best you can be can start from simply eating better. This is why we created Table of Plenty, to help others on their own journey to thriving, starting with easy to prepare, nourishing food.

It is an exciting time to be in the world of food and nutrition. I think people are becoming more conscious about what they eat in order to live healthier lives. We are excited to be part of this movement.

On creating a company that gives back

Giving back to the community is a very important component of the business. This is accomplished by creating work for people with a disability and being a family friendly and flexible operation, allowing us to fulfil all our roles in life as parents, as individuals and as bread winners. We are driven by our three P’s:

  • Passion – for food and creating a healthier change in the food industry.
  • People – providing our customers with great products and working well with our team and suppliers.
  • Purpose – creating a business that supports equal opportunities for people with disabilities.

Table of Plenty products

On products in the Table of Plenty range

We have a few new products in the pipeline. However, for people new to Table of Plenty, with summer coming up, I’d suggest the following products:

  • Dukkah – our dukkahs are easy to use and a great way of adding natural flavour to your BBQ, meat, fish salads and soups.
  • Muesli – our mueslis are also great, offering variety including fruit free, gluten free and vegan options.
  • Mini rice cakes – for those who want to find a healthier snack option, our mini rice cakes are very popular and come in dark choc, milk choc and strawberry flavours.

On strategies for success

Remember why you started and when you do what you love, it’s never work!

Table of Plenty products are available at major supermarkets and leading independent and convenience stores. Find out more at

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