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    22 things you can learn

    Learning a new skill is a great way to revitalise, expand your mind and get more out of life.

    The sense of accomplishment that comes from acquiring a new skill is profound. Rewarding, inspiring and incredibly useful, equipping ourselves with a swag of new skills is a great way to enrich our lives and increase our sense of satisfaction.

    As the weather cools and autumn envelopes us, use the season of change to discover something new about yourself. Whether it’s cooking, art, craft or sport, the weekends are a great time to get creative while stimulating the brain.

    Here are 22 ways to get the ball rolling.

    1. Learn how to play a music instrument.

    2. Enroll in a foreign language class.

    3. Make a homemade curry from scratch.

    4. Teach yourself how to fold origami.

    5. Buy some soft wool and knitting needles and learn to knit a winter scarf.

    6. Cultivate your green thumb and plant some flower bulbs.

    7. Learn how to create something simple out of wood.

    8. Discover the basics of video editing.

    9. Learn how to compose a beautiful photo.

    10. Teach yourself the rules of poker and start a poker night.

    11. Follow a pattern and make your own item of clothing.

    12. Learn how to give a great massage.

    13. Enroll in a first aid course.

    14. Master a perfectly cooked roast.

    15. Uncover the secret to pretty flower arrangements.

    16. Teach yourself how to fly a kite.

    17. Learn how to properly shuffle a deck of cards.

    18. Learn how to grow a thriving veggie patch.

    19. Learn how to juggle three balls.

    20. Memorise the phonetic alphabet.

    21. Learn how to ballroom dance.

    22. Discover how to bake your own bread.


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