How to track sleep

You can track sleep with leading health and fitness apps, even if you don't have a wearable device. Here are instructions for each of our supported health apps.

Before you start, make sure you have allowed permissions from your health app, to share with My Medibank app

If you're using iPhone and already have Apple Health connected by default, try checking that the right permissions are enabled by following the these instructions:

How to track sleep using Apple Health without a wearable device

Apple Health measures different types of sleep. The type required for this activity is the 'Asleep' type. Please note, adding time 'In Bed' will not track towards the sleep activity.

How to track sleep using Google Fit

How to track sleep using Apple Watch

Apple Watch tracks your sleep based on the sleep schedule you create. Apple Watch can also track your sleep when your Sleep Focus starts. To receive sleep data from Apple Watch, it must track your sleep for at least four hours each night.

How to track sleep using Fitbit

The sleep activity from Fitbit is not supported in Live Better for auto-tracking.

If you want to manually add your meditation, you will need to use Apple Health (iPhone) or Google Fit (Android) and refer to Instructions above.

How to track sleep using Garmin

Current Garmin activity trackers automatically detect when you have gone to sleep by detecting your movement and heart rate around your set sleep window. You can set your sleep window in the Garmin Connect app by following these steps:

If you have a Garmin device paired to your Phone, you can see activity data from your Garmin device in the Garmin app on your Phone. You need to connect Garmin to My Medibank and allow permissions to get your activity data updated in Live Better.

If you forgot to wear your Garmin device and you want to manually add your sleep, you will need to use Apple Health (iPhone) or Google Fit (Android) and refer to Instructions above.

How to track sleep using Health Connect

As an Android user, you now have more options to track your activities by using a variety of health and fitness apps supported by Health Connect. Check out the list of supported health and fitness apps here.


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