Western Australia ambulance information

If you’re a resident of Western Australia and have Hospital or Extras cover with Medibank, you’re covered for ambulance services under the state scheme.

However, if you have a situation that isn’t covered by Western Australia's state scheme, please submit a claim to us and we'll assess it.


Pensioners and senior citizens

The Government of Western Australia provides free emergency and medically necessary ambulance transport to aged pensioners, their partner and other dependants, Australia-wide. 

An “aged pensioner” is a permanent resident of WA who is 65 years and older, and receives either an aged pension assessed by Centrelink, or an aged service pension assessed by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

If you’re over 65 and not an “aged pensioner”, there is a 50 per cent subsidy on the cost of emergency and medically necessary ambulance transport both within WA and Australia-wide. You may be able to claim the remaining 50 per cent from Medibank.

These arrangements apply only to services provided or arranged by the St John Ambulance association. Ambulance services by other providers aren’t covered by the Government of Western Australia.


If you have standalone Ambulance cover

If you have standalone Ambulance cover with Medibank, there is a $100 co-payment toward the cost of each instance of non-emergency ambulance transport in Western Australia. 


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