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Northern Territory hospitals

Find out what our members liked and disliked about their experience when staying overnight in participating hospitals in Northern Territory


Northern Territory hospital experiences

Many factors can influence how satisfied a patient is with their experience during an overnight stay in hospital.

We’ve compared participating hospitals of similar sizes, as we know this plays a role in how satisfied our members were with their experience (for example, larger hospitals with an emergency department that service a large volume of patients tend to be louder – as you’d expect).

Survey results for hospitals in Northern Territory:

Can't find your hospital?

Patient experience information is not available for all hospitals. Hospitals must have a minimum of 25 Patient Experience Surveys completed by Medibank members in the last 12 months to be eligible to have their results published.

This information is reflective of Medibank members’ experience when staying overnight in hospital for acute care. Some hospitals that provide rehabilitation or psychiatric treatment and day-procedure only hospitals will also not be listed.
Some eligible private hospitals may have chosen not to have their results published.

View hospital experience scores

We surveyed over 30,000 members who’ve stayed overnight in an Australian private or public hospital, to better understand what they liked and disliked about their care. Their experiences have helped build this tool for you. This tool reflects member experience but does not reflect clinical outcomes.

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