Strategic priorities leading to real actions

At Medibank we work for better health every day. Better health for ourselves, our children, our families, our friends and the community. We are Australia’s leading private health insurer and we‘ve been providing peace of mind to Australians for 40 years. And we offer more than health cover alone.

We invest in keeping people healthy and improving their wellbeing to help them live long, productive lives and avoid going to hospital.

But if they get sick, we're there every step of the way to ensure they receive quality advice and access to the healthcare providers they need.

We do this by focusing on five key areas:

Genuine customer-centred health care
Connecting with people to support the health experience they need, through whatever channel they choose, be it over the phone, online or in a retail store.
Health cost leadership
We’re leading the way by working with over 450 of Australia's private hospitals and thousands of health professionals to make sure they give our members the right care when they need it, at an affordable price.
To keep growing in a competitive market, we're investing in new ways to deliver health, such as telehealth, and travel, life and pet insurance. We help create a brighter future for Australia, for ourselves and most importantly, our members. The more we grow, the stronger we'll become.
Operational excellence
We are always looking for simpler, better ways of doing things for our customers, providers and employees, ensuring affordable premiums and re-investment in continuously improving our customers' experience. Keeping it simple; that's what we call operational excellence.
Our people
At Medibank, we understand it's our people who make us who we are. Our unique mix of commercial, clinical and customer-facing employees from diverse backgrounds have one thing in common - we are motivated by our passion for providing better health.
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