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A year’s worth of travel insurance in one go

If you’re a frequent traveller, a Medibank Annual Multi-Trip policy is the most convenient way to protect against travel surprises. It gives you comprehensive cover for every international trip, or domestic trip more than 250km from home, you take within a year.

12 month's cover

Covers multiple journeys for international and domestic travel throughout the year

Single transaction

A single payment for a year’s worth of travel insurance

Choose your area

A customisable quote based on destination

couple on moped

Your insurance shouldn’t go on holiday too

Our team of experienced doctors, nurses, travel consultants and case managers are here for you, 24/7. They can help:

  • find you appropriate medical treatment
  • monitor your medical care
  • pay larger medical bills directly to the hospital
  • arrange your medical evacuation
  • change onward travel plans
  • replace lost travel documents or credit cards

Choose your destination

We offer quotes based on your specific travel circumstances, including your destination. Regions or countries are grouped into ‘areas’ based on the costs associated with making claims there. You'll need to choose the area that includes all your travel destinations.

Choose your destination

Area 1

Worldwide,including the Americas and Africa.

Covers travel to:

  • USA incl. Hawaii
  • Canada
  • Africa
  • South America
  • Any destination not listed in the other areas

Area 2

Worldwide,excluding the Americas and Africa.

Covers travel to:

  • UK
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Middle East
  • Pacific
  • New Zealand
  • Domestic cruises

Area 5

Australia, including Norfolk Island and Antarctic sightseeing flights.

Covers travel to:

  • Australia
  • Norfolk Island
  • Antartica sightseeing flights

Here or overseas

When you take out Annual Multi-Trip Cover, you’re protected by Medibank’s leading domestic or international travel insurance policies.

Domestic travel-Harbour bridge

Domestic travel insurance

Cover for travel within Australia, including travel cancellations and delays , rental car excess and luggage and personal effects.

International insurance Paris

International travel insurance

Comprehensive cover including medical and hospital expenses, luggage and personal effects, and travel delays and cancellations.

We’ve got your questions covered

Existing Medical Condition means a disease, illness, medical or dental condition or physical defect that at the Relevant Time meets any one of the following:

  1. has required an emergency department visit, hospitalisation or day surgery procedure within the last two years;
  2. requires
    1. prescription medication from a qualified medical practitioner or dentist;
    2. regular review or check-ups;
    3. ongoing medication for treatment or risk factor control;
    4. consultation with a specialist;
  3. has
    1. been medically documented involving the brain, circulatory system, heart, kidneys, liver, respiratory system or cancer;
    2. required surgery involving the abdomen, back, joints or spine;
    3. shown symptoms or signs however, a medical opinion or investigation has not been sought to confirm or provide a diagnosis; or
  4. is
    1. chronic or ongoing (whether chronic or otherwise) and medically documented
    2. under investigation;
    3. pending diagnosis; or
    4. pending test results.

‘Relevant Time’ in respect of:

  1. Single Trip policies means the time of issue of the policy
  2. Annual Multi-Trip policies means the first time at which any part of the relevant trip is paid for or the time at which the policy is issued, whichever occurs last.

You can view or download the Product Disclosure Statement to find a full definition of a 'Pre-existing Medical Conditions' on page 15

Download PDS

Yes, you can purchase our travel insurance that will cover you up to your 26th week of pregnancy. However, please note the following important points:

  1. If you are aware of the pregnancy at the time of issue of the policy, an online medical assessment must be completed if either of the following apply:
    • there have been complications with this or any previous pregnancy;
    • you are having a multiple pregnancy (e.g. twins or triplets); or
    • the conception was medically assisted (including hormone therapies and IVF).
    You can complete an assessment by either visiting your nearest Medibank store, online at or by calling 134 190.
  2. Cover is only provided for unexpected serious pregnancy complications which occur before the 26th week of pregnancy.
  3. No cover is provided for childbirth or the health of a newborn child, irrespective of the stage of pregnancy at which the child is born.
  4. Expectant mothers should therefore consider whether they travel and buy this policy, particularly if travelling beyond the 20th week of pregnancy.

    You can view or download the Product Disclosure Statement to find full Details regarding pregnancy on page 17.

    Download PDS

Select the Area which you will spend the most time in. The following areas apply to the single and annual multi-trip policies

Single trip

  • Area 1 – Worldwide including Americas/Africa (it is compulsory to select this option if more than 20% of Your time is spent in the Americas or Africa)
  • Area 2 – Europe, Asia and the Middle East
  • Area 3 – UK and South East Asia
  • Area 4 – Indonesia, South West Pacific and NZ
  • Area 5 – Australia

Note: For domestic cruising, please choose Area 4.

Annual Multi-trip

  • Area 1 – Worldwide including Americas/Africa (it is compulsory to select this option if more than 20% of Your time is spent in the Americas or Africa)
  • Area 2 – Worldwide excluding the Americas and Africa
  • Area 5 – Australia

When you buy a worldwide travel insurance policy you are automatically covered for travel anywhere in the world.

No, our policies must be taken out 'pre-travel' and cover you from when you leave your home until you get back to Australia.

If you have an emergency whilst travelling, contact Emergency Assistance immediately on +61 (2) 8907 5672 or one of the following numbers and our team will be able to help you deal with your emergency.

You can call the 24 hour hotline from anywhere around the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For easy reference, the phone number and your policy number can be entered on your Emergency Assistance Card and kept in your wallet.

A safe trip is a good trip

Read important safety warnings, vaccination advice and travel tips to help make the most of your time away

Things you should know

~ - Subject to approval

1 - Cover is limited to a maximum duration of up to 30, 45 or 60 days for international trips or 15 or 30 days on domestic trips depending on the duration choice you make

2 - Reduced limits may apply for customers 70 years or over. Medical cover will not exceed 12 months from the onset of the illness or injury. Only applies to international policies.

3 - Item limits apply. See page 11 Combined FSG/PDS for more information.

4 - Conditions apply to cancellation cover. Only applies to the International Comprehensive and Domestic policies. Reduced limits may apply for customers 70 years or over.

Limits, exclusions and conditions apply. This is general advice only. Medibank Private Limited, ABN 47 080 890 259, an Authorised Representative, AR 286089, of Travel Insurance Partners Pty Limited, ABN 73 144 049 230 AFSL 360138 issues the insurance on behalf of the insurer. The issuer is Zurich Australian Insurance Limited (ABN 13 000 296 640, AFSL 232507). Please review your own needs and consider the Combined FSG/PDS available from Medibank stores or to decide if this product is right for you.