Can my 'pre-existing medical condition' be covered by travel insurance?

If you are taking out a policy, you can check if you have a pre-existing medical condition without the need to visit your doctor or supply a medical report - simply read through the ‘Existing Medical Conditions' section in the Product Disclosure Statement or conduct a self-assessment as part of the online application process.

There are three categories of medical conditions:

  • conditions we automatically include cover for.
  • conditions which cannot be covered.
  • conditions we need to assess.

Please review each of these categories to determine which category applies to you. You can view the Product Disclosure Statement to find a full definition of 'Existing Medical Conditions' and what we automatically cover.

Note: If you have an existing condition that does not fit the criteria under “Existing Medical Conditions we automatically include” and you do not apply for and purchase the appropriate cover, we will not pay any claim arising from, relating to, or associated with, your condition.

Things you should know

T&Cs apply. Issued by Zurich Australian Insurance Limited. Consider the PDS before deciding if the product is right for you. PDS and TMD available here

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