Things worth knowing

  1. Medibank encourages providers to offer high quality products and services at competitive prices to its members.
  2. However, where Medibank recognises a provider, advertises on behalf of a provider, or appears by reference of logo or otherwise in an advertisement of any provider, to the fullest extent allowed by the law such advertising or reference should not be construed as:

        a. an endorsement by Medibank;
        b. an acknowledgement or representation by Medibank as to fitness for purpose; or
        c. a recommendation or warranty by Medibank of, for, or in relation to, the product and/or service of the provider. Accordingly, Medibank neither takes nor assumes any responsibility for the product and/or service provided.

  3. Members should rely on their own enquiries and seek any assurance or warranties direct from the provider of the service or product.
  4. Medibank can change the health care providers who participate in our Members’ Choice network or the providers whose services we pay benefits for.
  5. Members’ Choice providers may not be available in all areas. Benefits and other arrangements with these providers may vary depending on their location.

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