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Medically necessary ambulance services – am I covered?
What is covered?

Where you need an ambulance and your medical condition is such that you can’t be transported any other way, you’ll be covered for services provided by a Medibank approved ambulance provider:

  • ambulance transportation to a hospital or other approved facility is required to receive immediate professional attention
  • when an ambulance is called to provide immediate professional attention but transport by ambulance is not needed
  • when, as an admitted patient, the hospital requires you to be transferred from one hospital to another (excluding transfers between public hospitals)
  • for transport by air ambulance, where pre-approval has been obtained from Medibank by the air ambulance provider.
What is not covered?

Medibank does not pay benefits for any ambulance service that has not been defined under ‘What is covered?’. This includes:

  • ambulance services where immediate professional attention is not required (e.g. general patient transportation)
  • any ambulance transport required after discharge from hospital (e.g. transport from hospital to home)
  • inter-hospital transfers when, as an admitted patient, you’re transferred from one public hospital to another public hospital
  • any ambulance costs that are fully covered by a third party arrangement, such as an ambulance subscription or federal/state/territory ambulance transportation scheme, WorkCover or the Transport Accident Commission.

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