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Next generation school shoes

“School shoes should support the natural growth of the foot and promote correct muscle development.”

School shoes are worn an average of 17,280 hours throughout a child’s life, yet for something so important, their design, fit and technology have evolved very little. Recognising this, the founders of children’s footwear company Meyu have created a shoe range that combines sophisticated design, sustainable materials and comfort.

Meyu shoes are ordourless, free from harmful substances and compliant with European regulations on the safe use of chemicals. In the coming year, Meyu plans to launch its Foundation, offering children the opportunity to recycle their outgrown shoes to be re-finished and distributed to underprivileged schools.

We chat to Meyu’s Andreas Schimkus about this innovative company.

How are Meyu school shoes different from regular school shoes?

Unlike any other school shoes on the market, Meyu is committed to creating sustainable shoes that are chemical and toxin free, using superior technology for fit to promote healthy growth, with innovative design and a second life policy that reduces wastage with fast-growing feet.

Our shoes have been designed in Australia and engineered in Germany by one of Europe’s leading shoe technicians. Our leather has been carefully developed and produced in Germany according to BMW motorbike leather specifications to ensure scuff resistance, water repellence and pliability. Our sole is made in Italy of injected rubber with a very high natural rubber content to optimise slip resistance and achieve the ultimate in durability.

The styling is based on clean lines, contemporary profile soles and sophisticated stitching details. Our black school shoes have been designed for comfort, with padded insoles and flexible rubber soles. The heel cap provides support to the heel and the low heel height allows kids to walk more naturally and promotes good posture. Our asymmetrical last reflects the natural shape of the foot providing even greater space for toe growth and volume in the toe box.

Why do these differences matter?

At Meyu we want to instill strong values in our kids and their parents, encouraging them to care for their surroundings, be environmentally conscious, value safety and want products that are free of chemicals, innovative, well designed and balanced in cost.

What do parents need to consider when it comes to fit?

School shoes should support the natural growth of the foot and promote correct muscle development. Meyu fit is based on the leading European system developed specifically for children’s shoes. Our system calculates a combined size from the length and width of the foot, in which allowance for growth in length and volume as well as movement of the foot is taken into consideration. We at Meyu believe in a natural fit without strong pronation or arch support and plenty of room in the forefoot for your muscles to develop and strengthen naturally.


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