Introducing Health Concierge

Medibank Health Concierge provides personalised, preventative health assistance to help you prepare for, or recover from, a hospital stay or treatment. It’s our way of offering the extra support and care our members need, when they need it most, to help them get the best possible outcome.

We aim to help take the stress out of a new diagnosis, an ongoing condition, or an upcoming hospital stay. We’ll even check in with regular follow-up calls at key times during your health journey.

Any time you need clinical advice, we’ll connect you to our 24/7 Health Advice Line, or link you to services in the community and other Medibank programs.

We’ll provide practical tools and resources to help you manage your health day-to-day.

Who can access Health Concierge?

Right now we’re supporting members with the following health needs.

Hip and Knee

Members undergoing a ‘Total Hip’ or ‘Total Knee’ replacement.

Certain Cardiac Procedures

Members undergoing certain procedures for the treatment of coronary heart disease such as stents, bypass surgery, valve replacement or who have suffered a heart attack.

Over 75s

Members over 75 and living with a chronic illness who are going to hospital.


Members using their cover for birth-related hospital admissions.


Men undergoing treatment for prostate cancer and women undergoing treatment for breast cancer.

Woman smiling

Long-time members having major surgery

Members who have had Medibank hospital cover for 10 years or more having major surgery, such as cataracts, major vascular procedures, orthopaedic surgery and more.

How does Health Concierge work?

Our Health Concierges are highly-skilled in providing exceptional support to people going through potentially stressful times. The service starts with a call from a Concierge, who’ll assess your circumstances and offer support that best suits your needs. Depending on the situation, the Concierge may follow up down the track to ensure you remain supported in your health journey.

What can members on Health Concierge access?

Information, follow-up calls, and links to clinical and non-clinical services, including Medibank’s 24/7 Health Advice Line for assistance, or Medibank Customer Support Centre for questions about your health insurance.

Advice on going to and from hospital, including what to pack, information on the procedure, and tips for a speedy recovery, for example, recipes and advice on looking after yourself when you’re back home.

CareComplete, CarePoint, CareFirst, CareTransition, CareInsight, and In the Home services, such as rehab, chemo and palliative care.

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