We all know that regular exercise is good for us, but can the benefits also carry over into the bedroom?

High angle view of female athlete in wool sport pants and sneakers sitting on bed, touching her ankle with both hands and stretching.

Exercise is great for boosting energy levels, mental clarity and supporting all-round health, but what about its benefits in the bedroom? From improved blood flow to increased physical stamina, there are many ways that getting active can help when it comes to getting down.

How can regular exercise improve your sex life?

OK, think about the last time you did the deed, and the energy and strength you put into it. Did your heart rate soar? Did you work up a sweat? Did you fall in a heap afterwards? Sounding a bit like a workout in itself? Maybe the obvious conclusion is that getting to work at the gym is good preparation for getting on the job in the bedroom.

It makes sense that being physically fitter can be an advantage when you’re getting physical in the bedroom. But there may be more benefits than you think.

  • Trending upwards - more sex, more often. A study on the relationship between physical activity and sexual performance suggests that regular exercise could positively affect the frequency and ease of sexual arousal. It could also improve your ability to orgasm and increase libido, as well!
  • Quality over quantity. While having sex on the regular may be top priority, other research has also demonstrated a strong correlation between exercise and overall sexual satisfaction among healthy adults.
  • Workout options. If you’re aiming for better performance, researchers say that frequent aerobic exercise and intense strength training are the best areas to focus on to get those all-important results in the boudoir. Aerobic exercise is anything that gets your heart rate going, like walking, running, swimming, boxing or even a group cardio class. For a strength training workout, you’re looking at using resistance to burn calories and build muscle. Examples include lifting free weights, kettlebells or using weight machines at a gym or using your own body weight for exercises like push ups.
  • Blood flow basics. Regular exercise - especially cardio activities like walking, running, cycling and swimming - is great for building a healthy cardiovascular system. It will help your heart pump blood, sending blood flow south to the right areas in both males and females, setting you up for healthy sexual function and orgasm.
  • Confidence is key. With regular exercise comes increased physical fitness, which can enhance your confidence and increase energy levels, leaving you feeling better on both counts. If you feel better about yourself, you may feel more sexually desirable and perform better in the bedroom.
  • Turn back time. While researchers say that sexual performance and satisfaction decline with age, they also recommend regular physical activity as one way of moving the dial back in your favour.

Can you think of a better reason to start pounding the pavement than sharpening up your sex life? Whatever your motivation, regular exercise comes with benefits that will improve your life outside the bedroom as well.

If you think you could do with adding more physical activity into your life, check out Medibank Free + Active to find free, community-based fitness activities near you. Who knows, you might even meet someone that will appreciate your newfound strength and stamina behind closed doors!