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Private health insurance: myths and facts

Dispelling the myths around private health insurance.

When it comes to private health insurance, there’s a lot of confusion and misunderstanding out there. We dispel some of the more popular myths and misconceptions.

Myth: “We are fit and healthy so we don’t need health insurance”

FACT: Being fit and healthy doesn’t mean you or someone in your family won’t get injured, suffer an accident or medical emergency. Private health insurance is not just used for pregnancy and birth-related services. It can help your growing family in all types of situations – from having tonsils removed, to broken arms or legs, or if you need to call an ambulance in an emergency.

Private health insurance, through Medibank Family Extras, also means you can access a range of non-hospital treatments for your family, which means you’re covered for trips to the dentist and optician, as well as the physio and chiro.

Myth: “The costs of private health insurance outweigh the benefits”

FACT:  Some providers offer more than just insurance.  Medibank offers members 24/7 access to health advice from a Medibank nurse, who can help if you or your family have got any questions about pregnancy or other health issues. Another example of this is Medibank’s GymBetter, which provides members with access to a nationwide network of gyms at discounted single-visit rates.

Myth: “Private health insurance is just too expensive”

FACT: Consider the cost of not having private health insurance – or the wrong kind of health insurance for your needs. Unfortunately, no matter how healthy you and your family are, accidents can happen. This could leave you with considerable out-of-pocket expenses.

In addition, without an appropriate level of private health insurance cover, couples and families who earn over $180,000 a year may be required to pay a Medicare Levy Surcharge.

Myth: “Choosing the right private health insurance policy is just too confusing”

FACT: If you do your research and talk to the experts, you can choose a cover that best suits your health needs.

Before signing up, read the policy details and talk to our experts to make sure there are no restrictions for common procedures. And check you have a broad range of coverage with a wide range of services available for you to access.

Myth: “I don’t need to review my existing cover”

FACT:  As our lives change, so do our health needs. Whether you’re thinking about starting a family, are pregnant, or already have children – it’s worth reviewing your cover regularly. And if your situation changes, it’s a good idea to contact us to discuss your options to ensure you are always covered.

Myth: “We don’t need private health insurance to have a baby in Australia – we have Medicare”

FACT: Private health insurance means you get greater choice over your hospital experience. If you are planning to have a baby and you would like to use your health insurance to give birth as a private patient in a private hospital, your cover must include obstetrics  to avoid large out-of-pocket expenses refer to Growing Family Comprehensive for further information.  If you are happy to have your baby in a public hospital, but still want access to your own obstetrician refer to Growing Family Essentials Plus for further information.

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