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How to romance your pregnant partner

Finding it hard to figure out where to take your pregnant partner out on a date? Keep the spark alive with these top tips.

Well done — you’re almost halfway! You may not be changing physically like your partner, but you’ll still be going through these changes right along with her. So what kind of change can you expect? You’ll probably notice some differences in your partner’s body shape, cravings and energy levels — but there are other factors like finances and intimacy that might change as well. As for your usual date night routine, you may have to make some temporary adjustments. So how do you cope with these changes and still keep the romance going?


Dating when your partner is pregnant might look a bit different to before. Chances are she might not be up for late night dinners or checking out a new bar, especially now wine is off the table. If your partner is happy to carry on as normal, then great! However, if she’s feeling tired and emotional she’d probably appreciate you having some other ideas up your sleeve to sweep her off her feet. You might also find that you’ve both got a careful eye on your finances – baby’s aren’t cheap after all!

Keeping the spark alive

It’s easy to forget to nurture your existing relationship when you’re focused on creating a new one. Remember to communicate; whether that be about your feelings, her feelings, potential doubts, or simply how each other’s day was. Whether you’ve been with your partner for 10 years or your relationship is new, take the time to be romantic. Don’t panic if you’re having disagreements — having a baby can be a huge adjustment for a couple. Be patient with each other as you adjust to this life change — it affects everyone differently. Schedule in regular quality time with your partner to keep the communication lines open.

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Date night ideas

Being pregnant might restrict the activities your partner is capable of enjoying. If you’re thinking of taking her out hiking or stand up paddle boarding — maybe take it down a notch. Here are some great options for spending more quality time with your partner and making her feel special.

  • Head to the movies: a cheap, hassle free way to spend your evening. Watching movies is relaxing and your partner won’t have to worry about falling asleep — it’s so dark no one will notice (unless she snores)! Plus, with $12.50 tickets on Thursdays, how could you resist?
  • Go for a stroll: who said dates have to be complicated? Go back to basics and take a nice walk in the park — maybe even get an ice cream or hot choccy on the way. Not only will this up your Fitbit steps, if your partner gets tired she can simply take a seat and enjoy the view. Just remember to choose a track with plenty of seats en route.
  • Have a change of scenery: the words “bed and breakfast” are music to a pregnant woman’s ears. Surprise her with a weekend away and have some relaxing romance with no pressure.
  • Go out for dinner: enjoy someone else’s cooking and take her out to a meal with no prep or clean up required. Or even better — order in!
  • Take her for a dip: if she’s comfortable swimming and the conditions are suitable, going for a swim together can be a great activity — plus, being in the water will take the pressure off her feet!
  • Bring the date night to her: run a bath and let her choose a movie for you to watch together while you cook her dinner.
  • Pamper her with a massage: get the oils out and relieve the tension in her body — or even better, book a couples massage!

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Don’t stress if these options don’t work for you — pregnancy is different for everyone. Keeping the romance alive can be as simple as making her a tea or bringing home some flowers. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of trial-and-error to figure out what works best for you both.

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