The ultimate sex ed lesson on pregnancy

From above shot of young pregnant couple smiling while embracing on bed

When it comes to pregnancy and sex, there are no stupid questions, even if some can be a bit embarrassing! Pregnancy brings many changes to all aspects of your life, including your sex life, and many questions will pop up. We’ll save you the google search and clear up some of the weird and wonderful things no one told you about pregnancy and sex.

Can I squish my baby in the womb during sex?

While you or your partner might feel nervous to have sex while you’re pregnant, there’s no chance of it harming your baby. Your baby is protected by thick walled muscular womb and a sac of fluid.

The baby floats within this space well above the neck of the womb (cervix). You may need to try out different positions that are more comfy for you, like lying on your side, but in terms of safety, you’re good to go! However, if you are experiencing pain, cramps, bleeding or any discomfort, it’s best to avoid sex and talk to your health care professional before you proceed.

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Will my vagina change after giving birth?

The vagina changing after labour can be a real worry for pregnant women and some of their partners. However you want to think about it, it is true that your vagina can get a bit looser, or more ‘open’ after childbirth. That’s because the entrance to the vagina must stretch to allow the baby through. But the vagina does start to return to its former glory in a few days. Your vagina may not return completely to its pre-birth shape but kegel exercises can do a world of good.

Is sex different when breastfeeding?

Tender, leaking breasts may not make for the sexiest setting in the bedroom but unfortunately this is another fun new reality of being a parent. If you’re feeling up for it, there's no reason you should steer clear of sex while breastfeeding, just be mindful of tender breasts and the occasional leak.

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Is it safe for me or my partner to drink my breast milk?

If this thought has popped into you or your partner's head, you’re not alone. It’s not exactly the kind of topic you’d bring up at a dinner party, but chances are most couples in the room have at least thought about trying breast milk, and many may have secretly done so.

Having a taste of breast milk is not going to harm you. Keep in mind that breast milk is a bodily fluid so can carry infections like HIV and hepatitis. At the end of the day, remember bub still has first dibs on the boob!

What if my partner is uncomfortable having sex when I’m pregnant?

For some couples, sex during pregnancy can be a challenge. You might not be feeling your sexiest and your partner might be getting used to your body changing. Some struggle to reconcile having sex while their child is growing inside their partner.

While this may seem silly and frustrating, remember that your partner is not experiencing the same physical changes to their body as you are, so they may feel a disconnect. Communication is key, so make sure your partner is as educated as you are on all things sex and pregnancy. Talk to your partner about their hesitations and try out some different positions that work for both of you.

Why am I having strange sex dreams?

Having more frequent sex dreams while pregnant is totally normal. Increased blood flow during pregnancy can result in the breasts and vagina being more sensitive. Combined with a rise in oestrogen levels, emotions running high and changes in sleep patterns -- it’s no wonder your dreams can get a little intense!

As you may have realised by now, pregnancy is like a crash course in biology and psychology. And the thing that will keep popping up is that in most cases, whatever you’re going through is most likely normal.

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