Where to stay in Bali & the best Bali attractions

With its wide range of accommodation options, delicious cuisine, beautiful scenery and welcoming locals, Bali really is a tropical paradise. Here are our top picks of where to stay in Bali and the most interesting Bali tourist attractions.

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Why travel to Bali?

Catering to all types of trips, Bali is stunning and diverse. When it comes to Bali travel, Australia knows it well. Reasonable flight lengths (around 6 hours from the east coast), a rich culture and beautiful sceneries have made this destination a go-to for singles, families and couples of any age.

Bali is a breathtaking and soul-soothing destination. Whether you are seeking respite and seclusion in Ubud or vibrant nightlife and beachside landscapes in Kuta, the Indonesian province can really be tailored to the kind of trip you’re after. Iconic rice fields, easy surfing waters and delectable cuisine have many rushing to get back. For those wondering ‘when can I travel to Bali from Australia?’, border restrictions are now lifted. Travel to Bali from Australia requires a couple of updated steps – for a seamless holiday, ensure you’re across everything before you depart.

Can Australians travel to Bali?

Australians are now able to travel to Bali from Australia. Updated requirements are however in place. From May 2022, a Visa is required when travelling to Bali from Australia for 30 days or less. You can apply for and purchase a Visa upon arrival at international airports. The cost for tourist visas is around $50 AUD – and you should be prepared to pay in cash. ATM machines are often available in international airports but may be in high demand, so bringing cash can save you time.

Once approved, these tourist visas provide a 30 day stay. In order to receive a tourist visa, certain requirements must be met:

  • A passport with a minimum of 6 months validity.
  • A return flight booking to Australia or onward flight booking to another country within 30 days.
  • For travellers aged 18 or over, proof of a minimum of 2 COVID-19 vaccine doses.

Pre-departure testing is no longer required to travel to Bali from Australia. When travelling to Indonesia, you will need full vaccination (2 doses) on your International COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate dating to at least 14 days before departure (some exceptions apply here). For domestic travel within Indonesia, travellers over 18 years must be vaccinated with at least two doses.

Is it safe to travel to Bali from Australia? 

The Australian government recommends that those travelling to Bali from Australia exercise a ‘high degree of caution’ – due to the impacts of COVID-19 alongside security risks.

Petty crimes like bag-snatching and violence like drink spiking do occur – and solo female travellers are at a higher risk. It’s advisable to know where your drinks and possessions are at all times and keep valuables out of sight. Always be alert in crowds, taxis, bars and nightclubs.

Natural disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis and floods do occur in the region. Always monitor media, follow the advice of local authorities and use travel alerts as needed. Bali is overwhelmingly an accessible and friendly place – and is a perfect destination for family holidays with a few precautions.

Are there requirements or restrictions travellers must adhere to?

Travel to Bali from Australia is now open, but as with any overseas visit you’ll need to be aware of the cultural norms and differing laws. When it comes to Bali travel, Australia has a lot of accessibility, and Indonesian hospitality is a major drawcard for visitors. Understanding some specifics of Indonesian law and cultural norms can ensure travelling to Bali from Australia is free of stress and surprises. 

Indonesian law

Indonesian law differs to Australia’s – when unsure, always check with the Indonesian embassy beforehand. Some prescription medications are outlawed in Indonesia. Consider the medications you need to take onboard and double-check their status before leaving with them. As opposed to the legal drinking age in Australia, you must be 21 years old drink in Bali. Gambling is also illegal. When travelling around Indonesia, always carry identification. It is a legal requirement for visitors, and fines can occur where ID is not presented. Photography is mostly fine, but there are some areas which do not allow photography. Look out for signs that indicate this. Find out more details here for exploring Indonesia.     

Dress codes

Bali has a majority Hindu population which is associated with a more relaxed dress attire – especially in more touristy areas. When by the beach, swimwear can be open and relaxed. While visiting religious sites like temples and some villages, different dress shows acknowledgment of the space you’re in. Covered shoulders, legs and chest area is an appropriate way to show respect to local cultures. Note that if travelling beyond Bali, the rest of Indonesia is majority Muslim, and more a conservative dress code may be required.

Tips for Australians travelling to Bali

Jumping back into the world doesn’t come without risk – and health shouldn’t be sacrificed for big adventures. If you’re without travel insurance in Bali, any medical treatment will require full and upfront payment (which can often be costly). Purchasing travel insurance that covers COVID-19 related medical expenses is not currently mandatory. To help protect you and your loved ones from the effects of COVID-19, the PeduliLindungi App developed by the Indonesian Ministry of Health provides contact tracing support.

With worldwide enthusiasm to get back out there, other risks are also at play – including lost baggage and lengthy flight delays. Comprehensive international travel insurance keeps you and your loved ones in good stead, so you’re prepared wherever you go to. 

Loved this guide? Keep reading to explore more advice for travelling to Bali and other tips for other travel destinations.


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