A culinary countdown with raw foodie and founder of Enmore’s Sadhana Kitchen


Championing the raw food movement, Maz Valcorza’s Enmore establishment Sadhana Kitchen is Sydney’s first organic wholefoods and raw foods café. Boasting a lunchtime delivery service, raw vegan high tea, raw degustation dinners and cold pressed juices, Maz makes it all too easy for customers to join her in the raw revolution.

Here she shares five things about Sadhana Kitchen and its offerings this summer.

Five top ingredients making an appearance on the Sadhana Kitchen menu this summer?

1. Kale

2. Frozen bananas

3. Zucchini ‘pasta’

4. Salted caramel sauce

5. Mangoes

Four best sellers on your lunch delivery service menu?

1. Pranai Pad Thai

2. Sadhana Kitchen SuperBowl

3. Better Than Wagon Wheel

4. Daily Green Smoothie

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Three tips to embrace a seasonal, wholefoods way of living?

1. Eat as many organic, plant-based foods as possible.

2. Eat local whenever possible.

3. Eat whatever is in season because that’s naturally going to be the most nutritious and delicious food you can get your hands on.

Two reasons to try your signature seven-course raw degustation?

1. It’s an experience that’s unique to Sadhana Kitchen - nowhere else in Sydney can you experience an organic, raw food degustation menu.

2. The flavours will blow your mind!

One top catalyst for change in your own life? Yoga practice and then subsequently teaching really opened the door to a world of mindfulness and compassion. I found that the way I ate could very much alter the health and happiness of myself and the planet.

Hungry? Skim Sadhana Kitchen’s menu at sadhanakitchen.com

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