Ambulance services

When are ambulance benefits not payable?

Benefits are not payable:

For any ambulance services where immediate professional attention isn’t required (such as general patient transportation).

Towards any ambulance costs that are fully covered by a third party arrangement such as an ambulance subscription scheme or a State/Territory ambulance transportation scheme (benefits may be payable, however, for any ambulance costs not fully covered by such schemes).

When you are transferred by ambulance between public hospital facilities whilst an admitted patient.

For ambulance transfers once you have been discharged from hospital.

When you are transferred to another hospital for treatment at the request of the admitting hospital because they do not have the medical facilities available to treat you (the admitting hospital may pay for this service).

When you’re aged 65 or over and live in WA and are eligible for free or subsidised ambulance services. If eligible for subsidised services, you may be able to claim the remaining cost from Medibank.

When you live in NSW or the ACT and pay an ambulance levy as part of your hospital cover premium, and you’re entitled to cover under your state scheme. If you have a Commonwealth concession card you might be exempt from paying the ambulance levy.

When you live in Qld or Tas and are entitled to cover for ambulance transport under the State Government scheme. If you live in Qld or Tas and you have extras cover only, no benefits are payable.

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