Injured in a transport accident

Compensation for people injured in a Transport Accident in the Northern Territory

If your injury was caused by the driving of a motor vehicle (including trains, trams, etc) in Northern Territory, and you have or are likely to incur medical costs, you should register your injury and lodge a claim through the Territory Insurance Office. You also need to let Medibank know about the incident.

If you've been injured in a traffic accident:

  1. Make sure you seek treatment straight away. Your doctor or specialist will also be able to advise you on the process for making a claim through the Territory Insurance Office.
  2. Record details of the incident, including vehicles involved (e.g. driver names, registration numbers), time, date and contact details of any witnesses.
  3. Report the incident to the police. You may need a police report as part of your compensation claim
  4. Download and complete the, Medibank Compensation Questionnaire.
  5. Visit the Territory Insurance Office to lodge your claim and learn more.

Medibank Compensation Questionnaire

When you have suffered an injury or illness that is subject to compensation you will most likely require medical services. These services need to be marked as related to the injury or illness because if you pursue your legal rights later you will need evidence from Medibank outlining exactly what medical expenses were paid related to your medical condition, including gaps.

This form is also required for those who do not want to pursue their legal rights, as it is a member requirement within Medibank’s Fund Rules to complete the Compensation Questionnaire if the member has suffered an injury or illness that is subject to compensation.


If you have any questions about the compensation process of your specific circumstances, you can contact the Compensation Department via:

Telephone: 1300 880 276


Fax: (03) 8622 5691

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