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Medibank Work Better

When it comes to health, everyone wants to do better, they might just need some help along the way. At Medibank, we’re here to support with insights, tips and tools to help both organisations and employees on the journey to better health.

Work Better, Live Better

We all have routines and habits that we know we should probably change. In the Medibank podcast, Work Better, Live Better, we’re exploring some of those challenges that we all face every day through the lens of five different workers. We’ll follow their stories across the day, and help you find some practical solutions to implement, so you can ditch those bad habits to both work and live better.


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Incorporate better health into your work day

Explore our content for health and wellbeing tips and tricks you can implement to both work and live better

How your phone habits affect your sleep

There’s nothing quite like a good night’s sleep to have you bouncing out of bed and ready for whatever the day throws at you. We spoke to Dr. Amy Reynolds to get the facts straight on how those “urgent” work emails or late-night LOLs could be costing you quality snooze time.

How to have an honest chat to your boss about mental health

It isn’t easy knowing how to deal with a mental health condition while also maintaining your cool at work. Should you inform your manager, or put your head down and continue with the daily grind? Should you ‘chuck a sickie’ or inform your employer you’re taking a ‘mental health day’?


How much coffee is too much?

While we may enjoy the ritual, the caffeine hit often keeps us coming back for more. The question on many drinkers’ lips is whether a coffee dependency has any health risks, and if so, how much coffee should you really drink?


You could get a great deal on Corporate Health Cover through your work


Work in HR or looking to make some changes in your workplace?

We know that a healthy business starts with healthy staff. Medibank’s corporate solutions address the unique health and wellbeing challenges workplaces face. We are empowering organisations to improve the engagement and wellbeing of their employees, by providing insights, tools and solutions - keeping staff healthy and happy, while driving a postive workplace culture.   

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