Work Better, Live Better

When it comes to personal health and wellbeing, we hear a lot of dos and don'ts. But the truth is, there are so many weird and wonderful ways in which to live better. And whilst many of us endeavour to work better as a collective, there are no hard and fast rules about living better as individuals.

Let's work together towards better health

When it comes to health, everyone wants to do better, they might just need some help along the way. That's where you come in. Because if you take care of your employees, they'll take care of your business. With Medibank, health insurance is just the beginning.

Corporate private health insurance

Designed specifically for companies looking to provide extra value to their workforce, with Medibank you can choose whether you'd like to offer discounted or subsidised health cover, ensuring you're getting a good deal for your employees.

Health and wellbeing programs

With access to a network of experienced and accredited healthcare providers, your business can choose from a comprehensive range of health and wellbeing programs in Australia.


Better health support programs

We offer ongoing support through our dedicated corporate health and wellbeing service team. This includes the Corporate Health Concierge, Mental Health Advice Line, and our 24/7 Medibank Nurse phone service for members with hospital and/or extras cover¥¥.

How Medibank can help your workplace

We can help nurture every layer of your organisation—from leadership development to team cohesion and individual wellbeing, our comprehensive offerings pave the way for a healthier, more vibrant workplace. 

For leaders

Unleash their extraordinary

Our approach equips you with the right services and programs to foster a culture where health is the cornerstone of leadership. Illuminate the path from everyday management to impactful inspiration.

Executive health checks | Keynote Speakers | Health Initiatives | and more...


For teams

Together, you're unstoppable

At the core of every great achievement lies a unified team. Build a thriving community by weaving health challenges and programs that fortify the bonds of teamwork. Turn hurdles into shared victories.

Team Health Challenges | On-site Consultations | Health Screenings | and more...


For individuals

Help them find their incredible

Our approach equips you with the right services and programs to foster a culture where health is the cornerstone of leadership. Light the path from everyday management to impactful inspiration.

Discounted Health Insurance | Financial Wellness | Mental Health Support | and more...


Empower your best, unleash their potential

Happy and healthy teams are the heartbeat of your workforce. At our core, we don’t just talk about potential—we nurture and celebrate it. By providing the right tools, resources, and encouragement, we help your people flourish.

Let’s empower your best together.

Guiding a culture of health and wellbeing in the workplace

Taking care of your employees starts with strong leadership. We offer tailored seminars designed for executives and leadership teams to go beyond traditional business strategies and delve into the heart of employee wellbeing.

We believe that organisations who live and breathe health and wellbeing can inspire a culture of vitality and productivity. From expert facilitators to engaging discussions, our seminars empower your leadership to lead by example.

Discover some of our seminars on our channel below.

Get more with Medibank

At Medibank, we make sure our members get more than just health cover. From rewards to member offers, here are just some of the ways we give our members more.

Get rewarded

As a Medibank member with Live Better rewards* on an eligible corporate cover you could earn an extra $300 worth of value with Live Better rewards when you complete the Weekly Goal Streaks. That’s up to $700 worth of value you could earn!

Get inspired

We keep you and your team’s best interests at heart, helping everyone achieve a better quality of life. The Live Better program works as a digital guide to better health offering inspiration, expert health information, exercise tips, online sources and more.

Get involved

We’re helping Aussies get together by supporting free, active and social activities across the country. These activities not only strengthen community connections but also help fight chronic diseases.


...but wait there's more!

On top of the health and wellbeing plans you put together with your account manager, when your people join eligible Medibank cover, they’ll have access to our health support programs including Healthy Minds, Health Concierge, Medibank-at-Home﹢﹢, Pregnancy support, access to discounts on insurance products and so much more. Contact our team to get the exhaustive list.

Things you should know

¥¥ OSHC members should call the Student Health & Support Line on 1800 887 283.

* Must be 16 years or over to register for Medibank Live Better rewards in the My Medibank app. Some program partners and earning activities require a person to be at least 18 years of age to be eligible to earn and/or redeem a reward. Must be a Medibank member with hospital cover, extras cover, or hospital and extras cover, and be up-to-date with premium payments. Excludes Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), Ambulance only cover, ahm covers and other selected covers. Live Better Management Pty Ltd, ACN 003 457 289 has entered into commercial arrangements with Medibank Live Better program partners and may receive commissions. Please choose carefully as rewards will not be amended, cancelled, exchanged or refunded due to change of mind. Points earning activities and rewards are subject to change without prior notice and may be subject to availability. Additional terms and conditions may apply to points earning activities and rewards. See full Medibank Live Better rewards terms. See full Medibank Live Better rewards terms

Medibank members who hold corporate cover who do not also hold Healthy Living Extras cover (Eligible Members) can participate in the Weekly Goal Streaks.

 Weekly Goal Streak: Eligible Member must track and complete 10 consecutive Weekly Goal’s to complete the Weekly Goal Streak activity and earn 6,000 Live Better rewards points. Eligible Member can complete up to 5 Weekly Goal Streak activities in a year. Live Better rewards points will appear in Eligible Member’s Live Better rewards account within 30 days of completion of the Weekly Goal Streak. Live Better rewards reserves the right to cease to make the Weekly Goal Steaks available at any time. To the extent of any inconsistency between this disclaimer and the Medibank Live Better terms and conditions, the terms and conditions will take precedence.

Medibank Live Better rewards Challenges & Goals Earning Policy: The participant of a Medibank Live Better rewards Challenge or Goal may not receive Live Better rewards points or may have their already credited Live Better rewards points reversed in accordance with the Medibank Live Better rewards terms and conditions. To earn Live Better rewards points, the participant needs to properly complete 100% of the eligible Challenge or Goal according to the instructions. The number of Live Better rewards points available for Medibank Live Better rewards Challenges and Goals is subject to change without prior notice. The maximum number of Live Better rewards points that each Medibank Live Better rewards member can earn from successfully completing health and wellbeing Challenges, Goals or any Onboarding action in a calendar year is 40,000 Live Better rewards points. Special offers may apply to increase this maximum from time to time, such as for eligible Medibank members on an eligible corporate cover who complete the Weekly Goal Streaks to earn up to an additional 30,000 Live Better rewards points. To the extent of any inconsistency between this Policy and the Medibank Live Better rewards terms and conditions, the terms and conditions will take precedence.

﹢﹢ Must have eligible hospital cover, all relevant waiting periods must have been served and treating doctor must consider it appropriate. Out of pocket expenses may apply.