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Work Better, Live Better

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In this series we’re exploring some of the challenges we all face every day through the lens of five different workers with tips to help you both live and work better. 

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Explore our Live Better content for inspiration and tips on how you can work and live better.

How your phone habits affect your sleep

Episode 1: Waking Up with Neel

If you struggle with finding balance between work, sleep, and health, here's some more information on the importance of sleep and some tips to stop using your phone before bed.

Going back to work after having a baby

Episode 2: Vanessa's Morning Struggle

For most new parents, like Vanessa, the question ‘when should I go back to work?’ will come up eventually, if it hasn’t already. And the short answer is: every situation is different. Here's some tips for those going back to work after having a baby.

5 grab-and-go lunches for work

Episode 3: Skipping Lunch with Jen

Do you find yourself skipping lunch like Jen? Here's 5 hassle-free and health-conscious work lunches.

How to have a mindful work day

Episode 4: Shift Time with Morgan

Morgan finds time for herself in her all nurse punk rock band. Here's some other tips to help you find moments of calm and clarity, even on the busiest of days. 

The magic of laughter

Episode 5: Leaving Loudly with Ramesh

Interested in the power of laughter like Ramesh? It’s a sparkling feeling, bubbling up inside you. It spills out, and the release is a rejuvenating rush. Laughter revitalises us, soothes us, makes things brighter. And it’s contagious in the best possible way.


How well is your workplace?

Episode 6: Building a Healthy Workplace

Medibank and Deloitte's Wellbeing@Work Index is lifting the lid on corporate health and wellbeing. 

You could get a great deal on Corporate Health Cover through your work


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