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Travel insurance for cruises

Whether you’re embarking on an adventure cruise around the world, or a leisurely trip along the Eastern coast, you need to make sure you purchase your travel insurance as soon as possible.

Travel insurance for cruises

Buy travel insurance early

Cruise bookings need to be locked in well in advance, and many cruise companies have strict cancellation policies. Booking your travel insurance as soon as possible means you'll have cover should you need to change or cancel your trip unexpectedly due to circumstances unforeseen or out of your control.

Which country should I select?

When you are sailing the seven seas it can be hard to lock down your main port. For local cruises or domestic cruising you can simply select domestic cruise or the country you will be travelling to.

If you are cruising between multiple countries you should select “Worldwide” as the region you will be travelling. When getting a travel insurance quote online with Medibank you can select “Not sure? See region list” in the country drop down menu. This will allow you to receive your quote for a region instead of a specific country.

What do I have cover for when I am on a cruise?

As well as being able to claim any out of pocket cancellation fees should you need to change or cancel your trip unexpectedly, you will also have cover for all other normal travel insurance inclusions.

When you take out international travel insurance for your overseas cruise you have cover for onboard medical treatment* or medical evacuation if you need additional care.

Plus you will have cover for lost or stolen personal items and luggage, activities you carry out while the ship is docked and everything else you normally have cover for with your policy.

* - Does not apply to medical treatment provided on Australian inland waterways or whilst the ship is tied up in an Australian port.

Limits, sub-limits, exclusions and conditions apply. This is general advice only. Medibank Private Limited, ABN 47 080 890 259, an Authorised Representative, AR 286089, of Travel Insurance Partners Pty Limited, ABN 73 144 049 230 AFSL 360138 arranges the insurance on behalf of the insurer. The issuer is Zurich Australian Insurance Limited ABN 13 000 296 640, AFSL 232507. Please consider your own needs and the Combined FSG/PDS available from Medibank stores or to decide if this product is right for you.