Important information

This website contains information designed to encourage people to join Medibank Private and to assist current members in deciding whether to change their level of cover. The following is a summary of important information relating to membership of Medibank Private and the rules relating to the payment of benefits. Please make sure you are familiar with the following information.


  1. Medibank Private encourages providers to offer high-quality products and services at competitive prices to its members.
  2. Where Medibank Private recognises a provider, advertises on behalf of a provider, or appears by reference of logo or otherwise in an advertisement of any provider, to the fullest extent allowed by the law, such advertising or reference should not be construed as: a) an endorsement by Medibank Private; b) an acknowledgment or representation by Medibank Private as to fitness for purpose; or c) a recommendation or warranty of, for, or in relation to, the product and/or service of the provider by Medibank Private.
  3. Accordingly, Medibank Private neither takes nor assumes any responsibility for the product and/or service provided.
  4. Members should make and rely on their own enquiries and seek any assurance or warranties directly from the provider of the service or product.

Declaration and acknowledgment

By lodging your application for membership, you are taken to be making the following declarations and acknowledgements:

  • I am aware that Medibank Private has a Privacy Policy which is available for me to view and I consent to the use and disclosure of my personal information in accordance with this policy.
  • I have authority to provide the personal information of my partner or dependants referred to on this application and will inform them of the existence of the Medibank Private Privacy Policy.
  • Any bank/credit account details which I provide to in respect of this policy is provided to you with the authority of the bank/credit account owner.
  • I will make, or authorise the making of, all claims under this policy and will ensure that each claim includes the sensitive information of a partner or dependant aged 16 years and over only with their consent.
  • I authorise any medical practitioner, hospital, or other health service or health provider to supply from time to time to Medibank Private full and complete details of all or any information Medibank Private considers necessary to the assessment of any claim concerning me, my partner, or my dependants and acknowledge that I have their consent to give this authority on his or her behalf.
  • I authorise my previous health fund (if any) to release to Medibank Private all personal information concerning me, my partner, and my dependants required to confirm membership entitlements and declare that I have the consent to authorise the release of personal information relating to my partner and all dependants aged 16 years or over.
  • I am aware of and understand the relevant conditions (including any restricted or excluded services) and waiting periods (including the waiting periods for obstetrics-related services and pre-existing conditions).
  • State of residence: I understand that Medibank Private's Fund Rules require me to hold membership only in respect of the State in which I reside. I further understand that I may be required to transfer to, or Medibank Private may automatically transfer me to, the applicable cover corresponding to the State in which I reside, and I agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the applicable level of cover.
  • I am responsible for this membership and I will communicate, to all current and future persons covered by it, the information contained in the Membership Guide (being a selective summary of the Fund Rules), the existence of the Fund Rules and the fact that those rules apply to every member of Medibank Private. A copy of the Fund Rules is available for viewing at or at Medibank stores.
  • If I am joining Corporate Health cover, I agree to advise Medibank Private immediately if I am no longer an eligible person. I understand that if:
    - I am no longer a member or employee of an organisation with a Corporate Health cover Arrangement*
    - the organisation of which I am a member or employee ceases to have a Corporate Health cover Arrangement*
    - my employment status changes, including if I am no longer paid directly by an organisation with a Corporate Health cover Arrangement*,
    - I may no longer be eligible for Corporate Health cover. I acknowledge that if I am no longer eligible, I will no longer receive the Corporate Health cover discounted rates or services.
  • If I am joining Corporate Health cover, I authorise Medibank Private to provide my personal details to my organisation to confirm my status as an employee or member. I also acknowledge Medibank Private may pay a commission to the organisation of which I am a member or employee if the aggregate of claims made by its members or employees under Corporate Health cover do not exceed a threshold level determined by Medibank Private.
  • I understand that my partner will not be able to make changes to this membership unless I provide my partner with this authority. I will refer to the Member Guide for full details and will contact Medibank if I would like my partner to have this authority.
  • I understand that Medibank Private premiums can change from time to time subject to approval from the Minister for Health and Ageing. I understand that benefits are not payable if my premium payments are in arrears, and that if my premium payments are in arrears for more than 2 consecutive months, my cover will lapse and my membership will be closed without further notice from Medibank Private. I understand that I am responsible for ensuring that my premium payments are up to date.

I declare that all details provided are true and correct and I agree to be bound by the Fund Rules of Medibank Private, as varied from time to time.

Direct debit client service agreement for the payment of Medibank Private health insurance premiums

Our commitment to you

Drawing Arrangements

We will advise you, in writing, of the drawing details for the payment of your premiums.

These details will include the amount, frequency and commencement date and, where possible, will be issued ten business days prior to the first deduction.

Where the due date for a debit falls on a non-business day, we will draw the amount on the following business day.

We reserve the right to cancel the direct debit arrangement for your premiums if three (3) debits are returned unpaid by your financial institution. We will advise you in writing if this occurs.

In the event a debit is returned unpaid, we may attempt a redraw on your nominated account seven (7) days or more after the rejection.

By entering into this agreement, you authorise Medibank Private to alter the amount to be debited in the event of changes to the level of cover, premiums or arrears payment. You authorise Medibank Private to alter the amount from the appropriate date in accordance with such changes.

Your privacy

We will keep all information pertaining to your nominated account at the financial institution private and confidential and we will not use it for any purpose not connected with this agreement, without your consent. We will only use other personal information you provide in accordance with Medibank Private's Privacy Policy.

You can view the latest version of our Privacy Policy on this website or drop into a Medibank store.

Your rights

You may do the following by contacting us at least ten (10) business days in advance:

  • change the frequency of deductions;
  • change the date on which deductions are regularly made;
  • change your nominated account;
  • terminate this direct debit arrangement; or
  • stop the debiting of an individual premium debit.

Where you consider the debit is incorrect in either the frequency or amount, or both, you should raise the matter with Medibank Private.

Your responsibilities

It is your responsibility to:

  • ensure sufficient funds are available in the nominated account to meet the debit on the nominated date;
  • ensure that the authorisation given to draw on the nominated account is identical to the account signing instruction held by the financial institution where the account is based;
  • advise us if the account you have nominated to debit the premiums from is transferred or closed;
  • ensure that suitable arrangements are made if the direct debit is cancelled for any other reason (including if it is cancelled by us due to three (3) returned unpaid debits);
  • ensure that your nominated account can accept direct debits;
  • ensure that you are entitled to nominate your nominated account for direct debits under this arrangement. 

If you have any questions about the issues covered in this site, please visit your nearest Retail Centre to speak to a Medibank Private representative or call 13 41 90

I have read and understand the terms and conditions and agree to be bound by them as a condition of my membership. 

* A Corporate Health cover Arrangement is an arrangement between Medibank Private and another organisation under which Medibank Private agrees to provide to that organisation's members or employees (as applicable) health cover at the Corporate Health cover discounted rates and with the Corporate Health cover services.