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What to do when Thunderstorm asthma strikes again

Advice from Epworth Respiratory Physician and Allergist, Dr Michael Sutherland.

Written by dr michael sutherland
If you get hay fever  during spring you are at risk from thunderstorm asthma.

Melbourne recently experienced a mass incident of ‘Thunderstorm asthma’. Epworth Respiratory Physician and Allergist Dr Michael Sutherland offers his recommendations for avoiding thunderstorm asthma.

When does it happen?

Several days of elevated pollen counts and warm conditions, followed by a sudden cool change, causes a rupture of pollen grains into tiny particles. These can be breathed into the lower airways and cause asthma.

Should I be concerned?

2016 appears by far the most severe epidemic of thunderstorm asthma, both in reported cases and fatalities. More analysis by experts from Bureau of Meteorology, Environmental Protection Agency and others are analysing weather conditions to enhance predictions and warnings.

How do I avoid thunderstorm asthma?

What is thunderstorm asthma? Find out here


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