How to survive parties when you’re pregnant

Just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you have to be a party pooper.

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Did you shed a tear when you realised pregnancy means no more cocktails, sushi canapés or dancing on tables all night long? Try not to despair – there are so many new things to look forward to! Your new lifestyle means getting your weekends back, no hangovers, a guaranteed excuse to leave a party early, or not even attend in the first place! If you’re struggling to adjust as a pregnant party goer, or maybe it’s early days and you’re trying to blend in - here’s your guide on how to make it through all those parties while you grow a human.

If the cat’s not out of the bag…

If you’re not ready to announce your pregnancy, it can be hard to keep it under wraps at a party. Opt for drinks that look like alcohol, for example, soda water with lime or accept a glass of wine and strategically ditch it while no-one is watching. Be prepared with a plausible excuse for not drinking or leaving early, whether it’s being the designated driver, telling friends you’re on a detox, or faking an illness. This is one time in your life where lying is not frowned upon!


If you’re pregnant experts advise not drinking alcohol is the safest option. Consuming alcohol while pregnant can lead to increased risk of stillbirth, premature birth and low birth weight among other complications Try changing up your cocktails for mocktails, or spruce up your mineral water with some lime, lemon, orange or mint. Having something special to drink can make it that little bit easier to forgo the wine!

Steer clear of the ciggies, including second-hand smoke

If you’re a smoker, the best time to quit is before you start trying for a baby. But if you haven’t managed to ditch the darts yet, it’s important to quit asap. Evidence consistently associates smoking, including second-hand smoke, with preterm birth, low birth weight and other complications. If you’re struggling to quit smoking, seek professional help. If you’re at a party in a public space, chances are there will be smokers nearby. Don’t let this send you into a panic, simply move inside or politely ask the smokers to move, you’ll notice that people respond well to a pregnant woman!

Enjoy the food

Hanging around the buffet table or befriending the canapé waitress is a good pass time for pregnant party goers. Make sure you steer clear of foods like raw fish, deli meats and raw egg. If you’re at a party and your options are looking grim, don’t hesitate to ask a staff member or the host of the party about your food options. As a backup, it’s always smart to carry some snacks with you; muesli bars, nuts or protein bars are easy to slip in your handbag.

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Take a seat, stay cool and drink up (water, that is)

Whether you’re in for the long haul, or just stopping in to say hi, finding a comfy spot is always a good idea. It’s easy to overheat when you’re pregnant, especially in a crowded space or on a hot day. Find a comfortable seat in the shade or near the aircon. This way, people can come to you instead of you standing up all night and your swollen ankles hating you for it later. Don’t forget to up your water intake too, pregnant women need to drink more than the usual eight glasses.

Wear comfy clothes

It can be frustrating finding the right clothes to wear when you’re pregnant. Wear what you feel most comfortable in and don’t feel like you need to hide under a parachute (unless that’s what makes you happy). Make sure you’re wearing comfortable shoes that provide stability and support the extra weight you’re carrying.

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Locate the bathrooms

You may have already developed this habit - on entering any room, locate your nearest bathroom. A pregnant woman’s bladder waits for no one. To avoid that moment of panic, locate the bathroom before the situation escalates to critical.

Have a sidekick

Just as you need a wingman (or wingwoman) on a night out, a pregnant woman needs a sidekick. Whether it’s your partner, friend or great uncle, have someone you can count on if you need some extra support.

Speak up

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You’re busy single handedly growing a human - it’s normal to need a little help! Whether it’s asking the chef to make you a preggo friendly meal or asking someone if they’d mind giving up their chair, people are almost always going to be obliging.

Have an exit plan

There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re stuck at a party when you’d rather be at home wearing cozy bed socks watching Netflix. Have an exit plan and don’t feel bad if you need to leave early.

Pregnancy isn't a one way ticket to a boring night

Just because you’re pregnant doesn't mean you have to avoid the dancefloor or have an early night. Listen to your body; if you’re feeling up for it, you can still party with the best of them! You’ll soon realise that comparing yourself to other mums or taking advice from a pregnancy book is not a sustainable way to parent. You make the rules based on what's right for you.

Enjoy the attention

You may not miss the cankles, but we guarantee that your pregnancy will be over in a flash and you’ll look back with fond memories. This is a special time in your life; soak it up and enjoy the attention because once the baby comes all eyes will be on them!

Written by Medibank

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