Happy, healthy pets

Expert advice and top tips on how to care for your furry friend.


5 tips for travelling with pets

Advice from veterinarian Dr Katrina Warren. Read more


7 ways pets make you healthier

The facts behind your furry relationships. Read more


Becoming a pet owner

Information about becoming a pet owner. Read more


Camping with your dog

A checklist for a safe and happy trip. Read more


Hitting the road with your pet

Dog-friendly places to bring your pet to. Read more


Protect your pet this summer

Protecting your pets in the summer is important. Read more


The perfect apartment dog

Italian Greyhounds are perfect for small spaces. Read more


Keep your dog’s tail wagging with Dr. Chris Brown

Expert insight into the key to your dogs happiness. Read more


Expanding pooches

Overweight dogs are a ballooning trend. Read more


Dogs on show

Behind the scenes at the Royal Melbourne Dog Show. Read more


5 tips for choosing the right pet for you

Pets bring so much love into your life – but choosing one is a big decision. Here are some things… Read more


7 pet care tips from Dr Chris Brown

Putting their unique animal needs first. Read more


Are you a ‘crazy pet parent’? Welcome to the club

We’re launching #LoveMyRescue to encourage Aussies considering a pet, to make it a rescue. Read more

New Parents

Can pets make your kids healthier?

Studies show spending time with pets could actually improve kids' health. Read more


How to keep your pet cool in summer

A vet’s tips for keeping heat stroke at bay. Read more


Choosing a pet dog

Deciding which breed’s right for you. Read more


Travelling with your pet – or leaving them behind

Making travel plans as a pet owner takes a little extra thinking. Here’s how to keep your furry friend happy… Read more


Why dog owners need pet insurance

Ease your pain when your dog needs help. Read more


7 Reasons Why Dogs Make the Best Pets

Science backed reasons to love your pooch. Read more

Healthy Living

5 Tips for travelling with pets

Pets can ride along with these simple tips. Read more


9 tips to make training your dog easy

Veterinarian Dr Amanda Chin shares her secrets. Read more


Keep your pet toasty in winter

Pets need protection from the elements as well. Read more


Show your pet some Valentine’s Day love

Ideas for giving your pet some special treatment. Read more

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