Extras insurance

  • 100% back on a yearly check-up at a Members' Choice dentist (excludes x-rays). And this doesn't count towards annual limits
  • 100% back on optical at all recognised providers up to annual limits
70% Claim Back at Members' Choice

The information shown below is the Extras services you claim benefits for as well as any annual limits and waiting periods that may apply. If you use a Members' Choice provider you will be able to claim 70% back on the cost, up to annual limits, on the costs of services that are included in your cover. We've negotiated a capped price with Members' Choice providers, so you won't be charged more than the agreed price. Services available through our Members' Choice provider network are indicated in the table with a #.

If your provider is not part of our Members' Choice network, we still pay benefits up to a fixed benefit at any recognised provider. This benefit may be less than the provider charges.

Extras inclusions
Services we pay benefits for Treatments & Features Annual limits per person An annual limit is the maximum amount of benefits Medibank will pay for particular treatments each calendar year. Generally, the more comprehensive your cover, the higher the annual limits. If you are switching, benefits that have been paid under your previous cover will be taken into account in determining the benefits payable under your Medibank cover. Waiting periods Waiting periods explained Waiting periods are the length of time you need to wait after taking out your cover before you can claim or receive benefits covered by your policy. Waiting periods apply to new members or for new services, including if you're changing to a higher level of cover. If you're switching you will not need to re-serve waiting periods if you have already served your waiting periods and you change to a comparable or lower level of cover. If you change to a higher level of cover, we will recognise any waiting periods you have already served and pay benefits at your former lower level of cover until you serve the waiting periods for your higher level of cover. If you have only partially served your waiting periods on your former level of cover, you will need to serve the balance before you can claim at your former level of cover.

Ambulance services

100% cover for immediate professional attention. Includes ambulance transportation when your medical condition means you can't be transported in any other way. Tasmania and Queensland have State schemes that cover ambulance services for residents of those States.


2 months

General dental#~

Includes examinations, preventative treatment, scale and clean, extractions, fillings and x-rays and surgical removal of wisdom teeth (excluding hospital charges).


2 months (12 months for surgical dental procedures)

Optical items#

100% back up to annual limits at any recognised provider. Includes frames, prescription lenses and repairs. Excludes some lens coatings.


6 months

Remedial massage#

Benefits towards remedial massage treatments


combined limit for Remedial massage and Natural therapies.
2 months


Includes one-on-one and group consultations, Clinical Pilates, antenatal and hydrotherapy sessions


combined limit
2 months

Chiropractic# & Osteopathy

Benefits towards consultations with an osteopath or chiropractor


combined limit
2 months

Natural therapies

Consultations for naturopathy# and acupuncture#.
Consultations for reflexology, kinesiology, Chinese & Western herbalism, exercise physiology, shiatsu, aromatherapy, homeopathy, Bowen therapy, Alexander technique & Feldenkrais.


Combined limit - see Remedial massage
2 months

# Medibank has Members' Choice providers for these services only. By choosing a Members' Choice provider you are guaranteed to receive the percentage back shown on the cover.
~ Some items and services may require a Referral Letter and may have a benefit replacement period. Please see the Cover Summary or Member Guide for more information.

Cover Summary

For further information on Basic Extras 70, please see the cover summary.

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Cooling off period

If you're not completely happy with your cover in the first 30 days of joining, let us know and we'll transfer you to a more suitable cover or refund your premiums (as long as no claims have been made).

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