Sonni’s pork spring rolls

Spring into action to prepare these perfect pork rolls.

Written by Sonni
  • Serves: 12+ spring rolls

Spring rolls are an essential snack within our family. It brings the whole family into the kitchen to assist and prepare the ingredients. We then gather around to create a production line by folding and rolling them up allowing lots of time in between to chit chat before frying them up. Once the spring rolls are cooked up, we dive into them knowing there is no limit on how many pieces you have eaten!


  • Mince filling mixture

What to do

Tips to increase efficiency: Lay multiple spring roll pastries on the table and then scoop 1 tablespoon of mince mixture onto each pastry. Once all spring roll pastries are topped with the mixture, proceed and roll each pastry. Store and stack spring rolls onto a plate.

Tips for excess frozen spring rolls: Thaw out slightly until the spring rolls can be separated and then deep fry or air fry.


Written by Sonni

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