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People & culture

Overview of our employees and how Medibank supported a healthy, inclusive and customer-obsessed culture.



All employees by gender

*where gender specified
Female 70%
Male 30%

All employees by age

<25 4%
25-34 31%
35-44 32%
45-54 21%
55-64 11%
65+ 1%

Employee engagement

2016 2017 2018
78% 81% 85%

We undertook our annual employee engagement survey in February 2018, which showed Medibank’s overall employee engagement score increased to 85%, an improvement of four points on the previous year. The response rate of more than 80% was our highest ever. Medibank also undertakes an Employee Net Promoter Score (ENPS) survey three times a year to measure employee advocacy. The latest results from July 2018 show that our employees’ likelihood to recommend Medibank as a great place to work (+33) has increased by 36 points since we started measuring employee advocacy in November 2016.

Leadership commitment to 95 conversations in five months

Medibank’s leadership team committed to visiting every single Medibank office and store by May 2018. The 95 in 5 program focused on talking to our people about Medibank’s purpose, values and future, and listening to feedback about how we can continue to improve things for our customers and each other.

Diversity & inclusion


Medibank’s approach to flexible working, FlexBetter, provides our employees with more choice in how, when and where they conduct their work to better meet the needs of our customers and our people. We believe that for every type of role, we can offer different types of flexibility. Medibank was a 2018 Flexible Working Day Champion finalist.

76% of our employees worked flexibly in 2018, an increase from 70% in the previous year

Supporting shared parenting through FamilyFLEX

Medibank is leading the way nationally in its support for shared parenting responsibilities. We introduced a new flexible parental leave policy in March 2018 to give eligible prospective parents, regardless of whether they’re the primary or secondary carer, 14 weeks of paid leave within the first 24 months of a child’s life or adoption. This includes taking leave at the same time as their partner. We also introduced a new program to improve the experience of parents while on leave and support them when they return. Our partnership with Circle In will offer this ‘stay in touch' program to all employees taking parental leave.

Medibank was voted Best Workplace for Dads by website Direct Advice for Dads and research firm CoreData


Medibank was awarded an Employer of Choice for Gender Equality 2018 citation from the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) which recognises employer commitment and best practice in promoting gender equality in Australian workplaces. Medibank CEO Craig Drummond also continued to be a WGEA Pay Equity Ambassador. Medibank was a Dame Quentin Bryce Gender Equity in the Workplace Award finalist at the 2017 Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI) awards.

CEO Craig Drummond continued to support gender equality as a WGEA Pay Equity Ambassador, and as a member of Male Champions of Change

Measure Female representation
Employees identified as high-potential talent 66%
Graduate program intake 50%
Senior leaders 45%

During the year Medibank had a gender pay gap of 0.6%, with men paid slightly more than females when compared to market rates of pay. Last year females were paid slightly more than males. We track our pay gap to ensure there is never more than a 1% difference between genders.


During the year we were recognised as a Silver Tier (top 20%) employer for LGBTI inclusion by Pride in Diversity through the 2018 Australian Workplace Equality Index (AWEI). Medibank was also a Michael Kirby LGBTIQ Inclusion Award finalist at the 2017 Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI) awards.

More than 80 Medibank employees and customers took part in the 2018 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade


Our Indigenous Employment Strategy and partnerships with Yalari and CareerTrackers guided Medibank’s student summer internship program during the year, with four Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander university students taking up paid summer internships.

Fifteen senior leaders visited Wadeye in the Northern Territory as part of a senior leadership program with partner Red Dust in August 2017. Medibank’s relationship with the Wadeye community commenced in 2012. This program is an opportunity to learn about adaptive leadership and the complexity of health issues through the lens of an Indigenous community.

Third year interns Jazleen De Busch and Nakita Kirby lead a Q&A at the launch of Medibank’s fourth RAP


Health, safety & wellbeing

Key safety facts 2018

Measure Target Result
Lost time injury frequency rate* <2.0 2.71
Health & safety procedures reviewed and updated 68 68

* 12-month rolling average per million hours worked

Medibank’s lost time injury frequency rate (LTIFR) of 2.71 disappointingly did not meet our target of <2.0, with the number of lost time incidents remaining the same as 2017 at 15. These incidents ranged from mild to moderate severity, with all employees successfully returning to work. The safety of our people remains a priority and we will continue to focus on meeting target through early intervention and support, health education and effective management of hazards.

Mental health

We increased our focus on mental health, introducing targeted psychological health initiatives and training for customer-facing teams, as well as a range of activities to coincide with Mental Health Week. This was in addition to our ongoing employee assistance program.

Supporting our people through the Wellbeing@Work Index

The Wellbeing@Work Index, which Medibank designed in partnership with Deloitte, helps Australian companies to better understand, measure and improve the wellbeing of their people and workplaces. During the year Medibank employees undertook the survey while we also shared our health expertise with other Australian businesses participating in the index.

Medibank’s Wellbeing@Work results helped us to identify opportunities to support the wellbeing of our people. These included encouraging them to take care of their mental wellbeing, and providing targeted support across segments of our employee base to help them make healthy choices and stay active during the working day.

Support for employees experiencing domestic and family violence

Around one in four women and one in thirteen men have experienced violence by an intimate partner

ABS 2016 personal safety survey

Performance & capability


Medibank provided 14 leadership programs for employees, senior leaders, managers and people leaders during the year. These included:

Program Participants About
Launch 133 new people leaders Interactive program to help new people leaders lead teams, with participants eligible for credentials towards a Cert IV in leadership and management from June 2018.
Elevate 14 senior leaders Community immersion to help leaders develop adaptive leadership, through exposure to Indigenous culture.
Accessibility Immersion 40 senior leaders A half-day immersion delivered in partnership with Paralympic athletes allowing senior leaders to directly experience what it is like to have a disability.
Women In Health Leadership 200 employees Female Medibank directors discuss their experiences, career paths and how they came to become leaders in the health sector.

Medibank’s annual Shine Awards recognised employees living our values with categories for Customers First, Own It Do It, Show Heart and One Team, as well as awards for leadership, innovation and championing of health and wellbeing. There were a record 600 nominations across the business.


Medibank provided a range of formal capability programs for employees. These included:

Program Participants About
I Start Better 197 employees across retail and contact centre Formal and on-the-job learning for new customer-facing employees, with some eligible to receive a Certificate III in Customer Engagement from Swinburne University.
Clinical Induction 151 nurse triage and mental health employees Induction training for those who work from home on a permanent basis – which allows us to expand our talent pool to more rural and remote areas.
Be Better All Customer Connect employees Customised team training to strengthen our customer focus, drive first call resolution and reduce complaints.

Graduate program

Medibank continued to attract potential future leaders to the business through our graduate program. Eleven graduates completed the program in August 2017 and were placed in permanent roles across the organisation. There were 16 graduates on rotation as at 30 June 2018.

Two of Medibank’s graduates

Workplace giving & volunteering