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Strategic priorities

How we delivered against our 2017 strategic priorities to strengthen the core, improve healthcare value and expand our customer offering.


Strengthen the core

Strengthen the core


Share of industry complaints (down from 60.7% in the September 2016 quarter)

80% improvement

to two minutes

Average speed of answer in our customer service centre (Q417 vs. Q416)

1.6 million +

Number of customers receiving greater value through new and extended benefits


Downloads of new My Medibank app in first two months of launch

Installs includes upgrades and new installs via iOS and Android as at 30 June 2017.

1.1 million +

Number of customers receiving health and wellbeing content and exclusive offers

*via monthly Live Better email.

Improve healthcare value

Improve healthcare value

+ 100% back on an annual dental check-up

Added to all Medibank extras covers

+ accident cover

Added to all Medibank resident hospital covers

+ unlimited emergency ambulance

Added to all Medibank covers

1.3 million +

Hospital admissions supported

500,000 +

Surgical procedures supported

23.5 million +

Extras services supported

*Calculation based on different methodology compared to 2016

Expand our customer offering

Expand our customer offering


Number of participants enrolled in CareComplete to date


Number of customers supported through Medibank Health Concierge


We acquired Australia’s leading provider of mobile allied health services to residents of aged-care facilities and in the home (July 2017)

1.7 million +

Number of interactions with Australians through our telehealth services

Rehabilitation in the home

We will make this program more widely available from October 2017