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Patient Eligibility Checks for the GapCover Scheme

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is used to interact with health providers through a series of voice commands. Medibank uses the IVR technology on its Medical Enquiry Line to enable prompt patient eligibility checks of private health insurance cover for proposed medical procedures and suitability for the GapCover scheme. As a provider, we know this service is important to you in providing access to timely patient eligibility information.

You can now conduct patient eligibility checks at any time as the Medical Enquiry Line is available 24 hours a day.

Follow these simple steps to use the IVR system
  • Call the Medical Enquiry Line on 1300 130 460
  • Select option 1
  • Enter the GapCover Access Code – 540 300
  • Follow the prompts to enter patient details

Please ensure the admitting hospital has completed a separate check to confirm a member’s eligibility for private health insurance benefits in relation to the proposed hospital admission.

For further information, please refer to ‘Payment of Benefits’ in the GapCover Provider Guide (click here).

GapCover Schedule of Benefits as at 1 July 2014

The GapCover Schedule of Benefits is indexed in line with the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS). The GapCover Schedule has been updated to reflect the indexation of the MBS from 1 July 2014. Please see below.

Medibank members

If you’re interested in obtaining information about GapCover you can read about GapCover or search for a GapCover provider.

Doctors and their staff

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Revised Gap Cover Rates effective 1st Jan 2016

GapCover Information

Gap Cover Rates – 1 November 2016 (197 Kb)
Version Date:1 November 2016
Gap Cover Rates – 1 November 2016

Gap Cover Application and Change of Details Form (512 Kb)
Version Date:16 January 2017
This form is for Gap Cover applications and Gap Cover changes of details only.

GapCover Application Form (137 Kb)
Version Date:1 June 2013

GapCover Batch Header (86 Kb)
Version Date:1 November 2011

GapCover Booklet (563 Kb)
Version Date:1 July 2012

GapCover Change Form (136 Kb)
Version Date:1 July 2012

Revised Gap Cover Rates effective 1 Jan 2016 (1029 Kb)
Version Date:1 January 2016
Revised Gap Cover Rates effective 1 Jan 2016 - PDF Version