Settled families

Relax and grow with confidence

For those with children and no plans for more.

  • from$48.48/week*

    ($96.96 / fortnight)

    For established families not planning more kids.

    Settled Families Essentials

    ($500 excess,
    55% back at Members' Choice Providers)

    • Heart related services
    • General & major dental
    • Optical
    • 100% back for kids on extras#
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  • from$65.99 /week*

    ($131.98 / fortnight)

    For families not planning more kids and wanting value.

    Settled Families Comprehensive

    ($500 excess,
    70% back at Members' Choice Providers)

    • Heart related services
    • General & major dental
    • Optical
    • 100% back for kids on extras#
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  • from$66.57 /week*

    ($133.14 / fortnight)

    Comprehensive cover for peace of mind.


    Hospital ($500 excess)

    • Pregnancy related services
    • Psychiatric treatment
    • Investigative procedures


    Extra (55% back at Members' Choice Providers)

    • General and major dental
    • Optical
    • Physiotherapy
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* Prices based on Couple Cover in New South Wales (varies from State to State). Price for customers eligible for the 29.04% Australian Government Rebate and nil Lifetime Health Cover loading. Rebate levels vary from 0% to 38.72%, which you can change when you get a quote. Minimum payment frequency is fortnightly. Settled Families Essentials fortnightly price from $96.96. Settled Families Comprehensive fortnightly price from $131.98. Combined fortnightly price from $151.88 for Top Hospital $500 Excess ($93.98) & Top Extras 70 ($57.9).

# Applies to Full Time and child dependents only, up to annual limits at Members' Choice providers.

Things worth knowing about family cover

Accident cover for everyone
No matter how careful you are, accidents can happen. Medibank offers cover for growing families, including, knee and shoulder reconstructions and other accidents.
Cover the cost of growing up
As they grow, your kids will need different types of medical treatments, and as you get older, your health needs change too. Get covered for dental – including orthodontics – as well as tonsil and appendix removal and optical items.
Your choice: hospital and doctor
Our hospital covers give you the flexibility to decide who treats you, where you're treated and how quickly.
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Common questions

How much do I need to pay if my kids need treatment?
Extras: Get 100% back for kids (up to annual limits) on extras at Members’ Choice providers.
Hospital: Pay no excess if your kids require treatments covered by your family policy.
What other benefits do I get?
Get a $100 annual membership bonus to top up extras or hospital excesses. If you don’t use it, the bonus accumulates to a maximum of $1,000 after 10 continuous years.

What's most important to you?

  • 100% back on optical items up to annual limits with the largest choice of preferred optical providers in Australia.

  • Keep teeth healthy with Top Extras cover.

  • Get cover for pregnancy, childbirth and your new family.

  • Tailor hospital and extras cover to suit your circumstances.

Learn more about health insurance

Find out more about things like the Lifetime Health Cover loading, waiting periods, annual limits and Government rebates on our Understanding health insurance page.