Australian Government Rebate (AGR)

The Australian Government Rebate (AGR) on private health insurance makes having health cover more accessible and affordable by applying a rebate to your premium.

The rebate is an incentive for individuals and families to take out private health insurance. Depending on your income and age the AGR can help you reduce your premium, so you may pay less while getting the benefits private health cover has to offer.

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Changes to the AGR

From 1 April 2014, the Australian Government is reducing the AGR rebate percentages. The reduction is based on a calculation that incorporates any changes to the average health insurance premium and cost of living. The Government will adjust the rebate percentage 1 April every year.

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*Download brochure: The Australian Government Rebate and what it means to you

Tier 0 Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Income thresholds effective as of 1 July 2014
Singles Up to
and above
Up to
and above
Rebate entitlement - based on age and income as of 1 April 2014*
Less than
65 years
29.040% 19.360% 9.680% 0.000%
33.880% 24.200% 14.520% 0.000%
38.720% 29.040% 19.360% 0.000%

*Calculated in accordance with the Private Health Insurance (Incentives) Amendment Rules 2013 (No.1).
AGR does not apply to overseas visitors cover.
Please note: As the rebate percentage is adjusted every year the table will be updated on 1 April 2015.

How to claim the rebate

Claim now: Nominating a rebate tier helps ensure you're receiving the correct rebate for your circumstances:

Claim later: If you don't nominate your rebate tier, your correct rebate entitlement will be worked out by the ATO when you lodge your income tax return.

Not nominating could mean having to repay any amounts you've received above your entitlement at tax time.

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