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August 4, 2014

Healthe Care and Medibank sign up to quality hospital care

Medibank and Healthe Care - a major supplier of private hospital services in Australia, have signed a new deal that puts quality patient outcomes at the forefront and will lead to the better health of Medibank members.

Medibank's Executive General Manager - Provider Networks and Integrated Care, Dr Andrew Wilson, said the two year partnership with Healthe Care paves the way for future agreements between Medibank and health providers.

"Medibank is pleased to be leading the charge with others in the industry, working with our hospital partners towards further excellence in patient and member care," Dr Wilson said.

Included in the contract are specific agreements about the quality of care provided at Healthe Care hospitals with specific objectives around preventing unplanned hospital re-admissions, and avoiding preventable errors and adverse events for Medibank members undergoing treatment.

"Locking in specific requirements about the standards that hospital providers must comply with helps provide our members with the assurance they will receive the best quality care," Dr Wilson said.

"Not only are we committed to keeping healthcare affordable, we believe it is essential as an insurer to encourage and work with hospitals to ensure a focus on quality outcomes and the avoidance of preventable, adverse events."

Quality contracting is part of Medibank's commitment to quality care, through its new Clinical Governance and Quality Framework which sets out the principles, structures and processes that underpin service quality, continuous improvement and patient safety.

Dr Wilson said that by signing up to a new way of quality contracting, Healthe Care is demonstrating its ability to deliver excellent clinical outcomes and a safe environment for our members.

The CEO of Healthe Care, Steve Atkins, said the new contract with Medibank was an extension of the organisation's commitment to quality.

"Healthe Care takes pride in delivering premium care to our clients and patients and are backing this through our formal agreement with Medibank," Mr Atkins said.

"We are proud of our expertise and commitment to patient care right across our private hospital network and dedicated to continuing to provide the best quality health care well into the future."

"This is part of Medibank's commitment to improving our members' healthcare experience and keeping healthcare affordable," Dr Wilson said.


Healthe Care has been a Medibank hospital provider for almost ten years and currently operates 14 acute medical and surgical hospitals, psychiatric and rehabilitation facilities in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and Tasmania: Belmont Private Hospital, Brunswick Private Hospital, Currumbin Clinic, Dubbo Private Hospital, Hurstville Private Hospital, Lingard Private Hospital, Mayo Private Hospital, Maitland Private Hospital, Gosford Private Hospital, North West Private Hospital, South Eastern Private Hospital, Toronto Private Hospital, The Valley Private Hospital and Brisbane Waters Private Hospital.

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