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February 17, 2017


Medibank has today announced a partnership with leading digital health platform Healthshare to empower its 3.8 million customers to make more informed decisions about their healthcare.

Customers and GPs will be better informed about specialists who have participated in Medibank’s GapCover arrangements, which were introduced to help reduce out-of-pocket costs for customers.  Thanks to this new partnership, GPs and customers will be able to see which specialists have offered known or no out-of-pocket costs for some procedures in the last 12 months.

Medibank Chief Customer Officer David Koczkar said Medibank customers and their GPs will be able to have a discussion about the potential for out-of-pocket costs from specialists before being referred.

“This new partnership with Healthshare will give our customers better information to help them choose who treats them and how much they will pay, keeping their potential out-of-pocket costs in check,” Mr Koczkar said.

Medibank Chief Medical Officer Dr Linda Swan said specialist referrals are a crucial part of the care that GPs provide, and it is important to give GPs access to the most up-to-date information.

“Information about specialists who have participated in Medibank’s GapCover scheme will be available on practice management software, making it easier for GPs to look for this when discussing a potential referral with a patient who is concerned about out-of-pocket costs,” Dr Swan said.

Mr Koczkar said this is just one way Medibank is helping customers to navigate Australia’s complex health system.

“We are also very focused on increasing transparency for customers by making our products simpler and helping them get the best value from their cover,” Mr Koczkar said.

Recent initiatives include:

Product simplicity

·         100% back on key benefits, such as 100% back on an annual dental check-up at a Members’ Choice dentist

·         Cover for Accidents for all customers with hospital cover, and emergency ambulance cover for all customers to give peace of mind

·         Revamped welcome experience for new customers – including simplified introductory pack and call from their local retail store

Cover use and value

·         Regular reminders to encourage customers to use their extras cover

·         Activity statements and real-time information online to help customers track remaining limits for extras

·         Access to the latest health-related news, lifestyle tips and special offers via Medibank customer portal Live Better

·         Rewriting more than 320 pieces of collateral

Guiding customers through the health system

·         Contact centre now open on Saturdays and 24/7 online customer service

·         Trialling new concierge services to assist vulnerable customers before, during and after hospital treatment

·         Online advice guides to help customers prepare for hospital

Mr Koczkar said Medibank is making these changes to ensure every interaction is better and clearer for our customers. 

“Our commitment to transparency will give them a better experience and greater value.  We want our customers to know they have the right cover, know what value is available to them and understand how we will support them to live a healthier life,” Mr Koczkar said.

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