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  • Dr Andrew Wilson
    Dr Andrew Wilson

    Healthcare & Strategy

    A greater reform effort is needed to keep health insurance affordable

    We welcome further government reforms to private health insurance, but they must be focused on improving affordability and sustainability in the long term. Major changes are needed if we are to protect Australia's strong public-private healthcare system.

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    COVID-19: How to look after your mental health and wellbeing

    During the changing situation with COVID-19 it’s important we take care of ourselves, family and friends to get through this uncertain time.

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    We’re not doing enough for Australia’s seriously mentally ill

    Despite Australia’s recent elevation to the top five world health systems, we still have significant inequity in the medical and social care available for those with serious mental illnesses, especially for those living in regional Australia.

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    Age is more than just a number

    With people over the age of 65 being the fastest-growing age group in the world, we need to think and act differently now if we are to better meet the health needs of our ageing population

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    Providing choice for end-of-life care

    There is no “right” place to die, and of course we do not always get the opportunity to decide where we die. But when given the choice, approximately 70% of Australians want to die in their homes – yet only about 14% do.

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