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February 18, 2016


Medibank was pleased to announce today that the Australian Defence Force (ADF) will renew its partnership with a two-year extension of the ADF Health Services Contract to October 2018. The agreement builds on the partnership between Medibank and the ADF that began in 2012; with the ADF exercising the further two one year extension options contained in the initial Contract together as a two year extension.

Through the renewed agreement, Australia’s 60,000+ permanent and 20,000+ reservist uniformed ADF personnel will continue to have seamless access to quality healthcare through Medibank’s extensive network of Hospitals, Medical Specialists, Allied Health providers and key service providers. The innovative model of care will continue to advance healthcare access and improve quality and consistency, whilst ensuring cost efficiencies.

Medibank’s Executive General Manager of Provider Networks and Integrated Care,
Dr Andrew Wilson, said “our renewed partnership is a strong endorsement of the ground-breaking approach the ADF and Medibank have taken to simplify and streamline the healthcare process for ADF personnel. It is a privilege to be the provider of services to Australia’s Defence Forces and we look forward to continuing to work with our ADF partners to deliver a world-class military health service.”

The ADF Health Services Contract includes provision of a comprehensive suite of five health service packages to the ADF which are On-base, Off-base, Health Hotline, Pathology and Imaging and Radiology. All five service packages have been renewed under the Contract extension by the ADF.


About Medibank:

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