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October 19, 2015

Medibank 2015 Annual General Meeting

Medibank will hold it's first Annual General Meeting this Wednesday, October 21, 2015. 


Wednesday 21 October 2015




Function Centre, National Tennis Centre, Melbourne Park, Batman Avenue, Melbourne


Media will be required to register at visitors’ desk and will receive a registration card in order to enter the meeting.


Reserved seating will be available for Media at the rear of the main meeting room near the entrance

Interview and Photo Opportunities 

Filming and photography (no flashes) will be permitted during the Chairman’s Address and the Managing Director’s Presentation from the designated areas. 

A riser and media splitter will be available in the reserved media area at the rear of the main meeting room. 

Elizabeth Alexander and George Savvides will be available for photographs on the main stage at the conclusion of the meeting (conclusion is expected to be around 12:30pm).

George Savvides will conduct a door stop to the left of the stage immediately after the photo opportunity. 


Copies of the Chairman’s speech and slides presented by the CEO will be lodged with the ASX at the commencement of the meeting and will also be available on Medibank’s website  

Hard copies of these materials will be distributed to the Media in attendance immediately following confirmation of receipt by the ASX. 


A live webcast of the AGM will be available on Medibank’s website,  The webcast will also be archived for later viewing. 


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