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June 23, 2015

Medibank transfers Workplace Health and Travel Doctor – TMVC businesses to Sonic HealthPlus

Medibank and Sonic Healthcare have worked together closely in recent years to provide innovative GP services and more recently the CarePoint integrated primary care and CareFirst chronic disease management initiatives.  The two organisations have also had a longstanding service relationship for the provision of pathology services for Medibank members.

Medibank and Sonic HealthPlus today announced that Medibank’s Workplace Health and Travel Doctor-TMVC Businesses will transfer to Sonic HealthPlus.

The transfer of these businesses, which is subject to the completion of all necessary requirements, forms part of a review Medibank has undertaken of its Complementary Services businesses, which was highlighted in its Prospectus last year.

Medibank’s Chief Operating Officer, David Koczkar, said that since their inception over 25 years ago, Workplace Health and Travel Doctor-TMVC have established solid reputations for providing their respective clients access to the highest quality work place health and travel related specialist medical services.

“Each business has built itself strong foundations but now requires greater investment and focus to drive their continued development. Sonic HealthPlus was identified as having a strong strategic fit and is ideally positioned to help steer these high-potential businesses through their next phase of growth,” he said.

Sonic HealthPlus is one of Australia’s most trusted providers of occupational health and general medical services with a proven track record of successfully managing and operating clinical networks and specialist healthcare services.

Sonic HealthPlus CEO, Greg Hutchinson, said integration of the Workplace Health and Travel Doctor-TMVC clinics would provide added reach and capability to their existing specialist medical services network.

“Both businesses come with an impressive and loyal following of clients and we are excited about their future growth potential,” he said.   

Medibank and Sonic HealthPlus will work together closely to identify suitable date(s) for the transfer of the businesses and to support employees during the transition process.

Sonic HealthPlus will merge the Travel Doctor-TMVC and Workplace Health clinics with their existing clinical network and specialist medical services business. As a result, 8 Workplace Health clinics will close and their associated clients transfer to existing Sonic HealthPlus clinics.



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