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July 16, 2014

Recycled equipment making sport accessible in Western Australia

The Medibank Community Fund (MCF) has awarded a $20,000 community grant to Fair Game Sports Equipment in Perth, Western Australia.

The grant will allow Fair Game Sports Equipment to continue to operate three unique initiatives in the Kimberley region that aim to reduce the rates of communicable diseases, lifestyle-related illness, improve mental well-being and build social cohesion.

The Game On! initiative encourages communities to get active through unique sport-based team games, fitness challenges, dance, Indigenous yoga and wellness programs.

The Recycle and Donate program gives otherwise unwanted sports equipment and clothing to communities in need to help encourage children to participate in physical activity.

Healthy Communities enables trained volunteers to engage with communities and integrate fun education sport and fitness sessions to improve the overall health and wellbeing of those who participate.

Medibank State Manager for WA, Andy Bray, said the program embraced the Medibank Community Fund's priorities of promoting physical activity and greater community connectedness - the key selection criteria for the MCF grants program.

"Medibank employees on our Regional Council from across WA, expressed overwhelming support for Fair Game Sports Equipment's application because their program takes a preventative and proactive approach to health. It encourages people to better their overall health and wellbeing through physical exercise and reduce their risk of lifestyle-related disease," said Mr Bray.

"The Medibank Community Fund grants program supports local, grassroots initiatives that aim to create a lasting and positive impact on the mental and physical wellbeing of people in the community. Fair Game Sports Equipment and its three health programs are doing just that."

John Van Bockxmeer, Chair of Fair Game Sports Equipment, said the programs complement each other and were developed side-by-side in order to create the best possible health outcomes for participants.

"Each participant is provided with a Fair Game back pack, which contains various health items that are vital for the continuation of the health practices taught across our three unique, educational programs. Through the back pack, we can ensure the sustainability of the programs' key teachings and messages," said Mr Van Bockxmeer.

"Our programs aim to encourage the community to make lifestyle changes so they can live longer, in better health and set an example for the next generation."

Fair Game Sports Equipment is one of 42 recipients chosen from more than 900 applications across Australia and New Zealand to receive a 2014 Medibank Community Fund grant.

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