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June 23, 2014

Portland Community Garden Landcare Group receives community grant

The Medibank Community Fund (MCF) has awarded a $10,000 community grant to Portland Community Garden Landcare Group (PCGLG) in Portland, Victoria.

In association with Dhauwurd Wurrung Elderly Citizens Health Aboriginal organisation, PCGLG will create a vibrant community garden, heritage orchard and communal meeting place for people to come together and enjoy fresh produce.

The grant will allow PCGLG's 500 volunteers to develop a garden along with a market area for people to grow food, tend to the garden and learn essential life skills like harvesting, cooking and building relationships.

Medibank Retail State Manager for VIC, Mark OShaughnessy said the program embraced the Medibank Community Fund's priorities of promoting healthy eating, physical activity and greater community connectedness -the key selection criteria for the MCF grants program.

"Medibank employees on our Regional Council from across Victoria, expressed overwhelming support for Portland Community Garden Landcare Group's application because their program takes a holistic approach to heath by encouraging people to work together and learn new skills that will improve their mental and physical wellbeing for the long term", said Mr OShaughnessy.

"The Medibank Community Fund grants program supports local, grassroots initiatives that aim to create a lasting and positive impact on the mental and physical wellbeing of people in the community and Portland Community Garden Landcare Group and its community garden and market are doing just that".

PCGLG's Wayne Barrett said the project is dedicated to involving people from across the shire of Glenelg regardless of their age, race or ability.

"The community garden and market is an inclusive project that aims to bring people from all walks of life together through the communal act of growing, harvesting and cooking delicious produce that we all helped rear and nurture", said Mr Barrett.

Portland Community Garden Landcare Group is one of 42 recipients chosen from more than 900 applications across Australia and New Zealand to receive a 2014 Medibank Community Fund grant.

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