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May 26, 2014

Medibank's health cover for the long run

The lead up to 30 June is always a busy time in the health insurance industry, as the market is flooded with messages for customers on taking out cover to avoid tax implications. This year, Medibank's message is no different to what we were telling our customers last month or what we will tell them in six months' time - private health insurance is a long term investment in your health. While we always recognise it is important to make considerations around tax implications, our underlying message will be that all 365 days of the year are important when it comes to a member's health.

"This campaign will see us challenge the norm of advertising across the industry at tax time, where traditionally Medibank and our competitors have targeted customers looking to take up health insurance mainly for the benefit of short-term tax savings. Our approach this year is more holistic and focused on the long-term importance of looking after your health, and the importance of everyday health and wellbeing," says Chris Carroll, General Manager of Marketing & Digital.

The mindset of our customers is embedded in value and the importance of health cover they can use and benefit from every day - now and future. While having health cover for tax reasons may certainly be a key consideration, what they are really looking for is health cover that offers value and benefits to suit their life stage. Our customers see their health cover with Medibank as a longer term health investment, that goes beyond being a tax saving.

The new campaign captures this approach by building on Medibank's "Generation Better" platform, a proactive health campaign designed to encourage people everywhere to make healthy choices that create a difference through small steps every day.

This campaign will be led by a new television commercial with headline messaging "Go Beyond the Tax Break - Choose Health Cover for the Long Run".

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