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December 17, 2013

Christmas pets need more than just Christmas love

The festive season is also puppy season. And the joy that a new pet brings at Christmas can lead to life-long love for the new member of the family. But sadly for some puppies that love doesn't extend far beyond the festive season, and Medibank Pet Insurance wants all families considering buying a puppy or kitten for Christmas to make the decision wisely and compassionately.

Medibank Pet Insurance Head of Marketing, Nathan McEwan, encouraged Australians to think carefully before bringing a pet home because the decision should be one made for life.

"Of the thousands of dogs and cats that are abandoned or surrendered to animal shelters it is devastating to think that many beautiful, healthy animals are destroyed. Becoming a pet owner is a really exciting time but there is also responsibly that comes with bringing a new family member home," Mr McEwan said.

The average dog or cat will live somewhere between 12-15 years so it's a big commitment and one that will change your life significantly.

"If you are a family it is important that everyone is on board with the decision and is prepared to help with looking after your furry friend long after the honeymoon period is over and your dog or cat grows out of the 'cute' phase."

Of course, there are also a few practical things you can do to keep your dog or cat in top form.

It's also important to consider a few of the practical aspects of owning a pet before you make the decision to get one:

  • The cost: Many people only consider the cost of purchasing a pet, but you need to also think about the ongoing costs for caring for your pet such as food and food dishes, vet costs (which of course can be managed with pet insurance which also costs), collars and ID tags, grooming utensils, bedding or shelter and all the toys!
  • The commitment: Pets require a lot of your time and attention. From feeding to exercise and training, they are an intense, lifelong and incredibly rewarding commitment. If you are a family you might want to consider drawing up a roster for older children to take the dog for a walk or clean the litter box for your cat.
    If you travel a lot you will need to consider care while you are away.
  • Your environment: Is your home environment prepared and safe for a pet? If it isn't, are you willing to make the financial and time investment to ensure that it is?

And of course it's a great idea to cover your pet so that you don't get any unexpected cost. Medibank Pet Insurance is health cover for your pet, much like your own human health insurance. Advances in veterinary medicine mean more can be done for your pet's health than ever before. Cats and dogs can now receive ultrasound and x-rays, diagnostic and laboratory tests, arthritis treatment, major surgery, and even cancer treatment - just like people.

Pet insurance helps pet owners feel better knowing their pet receives the health care they deserve without compromise so you can afford trips to the vet when you need them most.


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