November 13, 2012

The future of PHI premium setting report

The purchase of private health insurance (PHI) is one of the most significant purchases a family can make. Nearly half of all Australians have some form of PHI cover, and consequently choice and affordability of PHI are major concerns for Australian families.

Recognising that the ground has shifted in PHI and that Commonwealth intervention in premium-setting may be partly responsible for higher PHI premiums suggest that a review of regulatory arrangements governing PHI premium-setting is timely.

Medibank Private Limited engaged Deloitte Access Economics to review the appropriateness, effectiveness and efficiency of the regulatory framework governing PHI premium-setting in Australia, and to sketch out a possible pathway to regulatory and policy reform.

As part of the brief, Deloitte Access Economics consulted widely across government, with a view to developing an evaluation framework that reflects public interest considerations rather than focussing exclusively on the interests of the industry.

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