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October 17, 2012

Quality care for ADF personnel the top priority says Medibank

Medibank has moved to reassure 80,000 entitled Australian Defence Force personnel they will continue to receive high standards of care, prompt treatment and a choice of healthcare provider under new arrangements to provide healthcare services to the ADF.

The four-year contract will see Medibank Health Solutions partner with the ADF's Joint Health Command to co-ordinate and deliver a range of quality healthcare services across Australia.

This includes access to on and off-base medical practitioners and allied health professionals, radiology, pathology and optometry services, as well as a telehealth service delivering nurse triage, health advice and referral services.

"A key joint objective for Medibank and the ADF is the development of a national system to ensure equity of care for all servicemen and women. As such, Medibank is offering healthcare providers across the country standardised terms and conditions, including set rates," said Dr Andrew Wilson of Medibank Health Solutions.

"These payment terms are generally similar, or better than, those currently received by providers of government funded treatment to ex-ADF personnel."

Medibank is currently processing thousands of contract responses from specialists and other health professions as it prepares to launch the new system on 5 November.

Dr Wilson recognised that under the new arrangements some providers may be offered a rate which will be lower than what they are used to, but said this would not compromise the health of enlisted personnel in any way.

"The healthcare providers we partner with will be fully qualified, accredited professionals sourced where possible from local communities where ADF personnel live and work. In fact, many of these providers already have existing deep relationships with the ADF.

"Our goal is not only to provide the best healthcare options for every eligible ADF member, but also to improve the value of every healthcare dollar spent by the ADF and, ultimately, by Australian taxpayers.

"This is a great opportunity for Australian healthcare providers to be part of a most worthwhile cause of providing care for our servicemen and women," said Dr Wilson.

Medibank has been in the business of providing health services to millions of Australians for the past 35 years.

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