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November 16, 2011

Success for Medibank Health Solutions' Dr Graeme Edwards in Return to Work Awards 2011

Medibank Health Solutions is proud to announce that Dr Graeme Edwards has won the Health Provider Achievement Award, Individual (doctor) at the Q-Comp Queensland Return to Work Awards 2011.

An experienced occupational physician, a specialist in occupational and environmental medicine, Dr Edwards says "Our speciality looks at the effects of people's health on their ability to work safely, and the effect of the work, and the work environment, on the individual and the organisation's workforce."

He continues, "My interest is in rehabilitating people as fast as possible, with the least risk of recurrence, through sustainable recovery and more importantly, injury prevention. My desire is to have people rehabilitate at work, rather than be away from work in the first place. The evidence is clear that the longer people are away from work, the less likely they are to ever return."

Dr Edwards promotes return to work by training doctors and employers in effective solutions to their rehabilitation problems.

The model facilitates communication between employer, employee and doctor, enabling injured workers to safely return to work. The Medibank Health Solutions' medical specialists in workplace based rehabilitation act as a conduit between the involved parties to enable communication when this has become challenging.

The return to work model is very close to the heart of Medibank Health Solutions, as Dr Matthew Cullen, Group Executive, explains:

"One of our priorities is to assist Australia in creating a healthy, productive and active workforce. Dr Edwards' model is a key contributor in facilitating return to work projects. Here at Medibank Health Solutions, we are very proud of Dr Edwards' success."

Dr Edwards summarises his achievement by saying, "I like what I do and I want to make a difference in my chosen field, getting people as good as they can, as fast as possible, with the least risk of it happening again. This Award tells me I'm giving back to the people I care about. "

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