August 10, 2009

Stand Up Australia - Sedentary behaviour in workers

It is well known that prolonged sitting time in the workplace is an adverse health risk. It is a concern, then, that research into office-based, call centre and retail employee behaviours revealed that 77 percent of the working day is spent sitting. This study explores the health implications of sedentary work.

This landmark study is a national collaboration between the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute, the Cancer Prevention Research Centre at The University of Queensland and Medibank Private.

The study involved 131 Medibank Private and partner organisation employees, aged 18 years and over, who were ambulatory (i.e. not wheel-chair bound) and employed full-time within office-based, retail or call centre workplace settings. Participation was voluntary, with employees invited to participate in the study via email.

The report concludes that consideration should be given to trialling and evaluating initiatives to facilitate and support the reduction of sitting time in the workplace, and suggests specific recommendations for employers.

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