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April 1, 2009

HSA merger to transform Medibank Private

Medibank Private and Health Services Australia (HSA) will formally merge today.

The integration of the two organisations marks the next step in Medibank Private's transformation from a single product insurer to a broader health company. Through HSA, Medibank Private will offer occupational and travel health services to government and corporate Australia, including health assessments, workplace health and injury prevention, rehabilitation case management and return to work programs.

HSA will also enable Medibank Private to accelerate the development of its own preventative and health management programs, building on the expertise acquired through the purchase of Wollongong based health fund, ahm, in late 2008.
Medibank Private Managing Director, George Savvides, said the HSA integration represents a major milestone in Medibank Private's move to transform the company into an integrated health services and insurance group.

"Our vision is for Medibank to become Australia's leading provider of private health insurance and health solutions, and HSA is a major component of this plan. We are moving from the traditional health insurance role of passive payer, to be an active participant in our member's health and wellbeing.

"Through the expansion of HSA's Health for Industry and Work Solutions businesses lines we can enhance our delivery of workplace health services to corporate Australia, while our Travel Doctor business will provide direct consumer access to quality healthcare.

"With the merger of HSA, are now in a position to work toward our objective of improving the health of our 3.5 million members," Mr Savvides said.
HSA Chief Executive Officer, Stan Macionis, said the merger would enhance both companies ability to meet customers needs.

"HSA and Medibank Private have a long-shared interest in health services for industry. The synergies created in this merger will allow the strengths of both to come together to create Australia's leading corporate health service company.

"It will allow HSA to develop a greater range of services for our corporate clients, and to bring our capabilities to the broader community.

"We are also excited to play a role in enhancing Medibank's preventative and health management capability for its private health insurance business," Mr Macionis said.

Apart from growing its health services business, Medibank Private is also determined to take pressure off premiums and better meet the needs of its members in its core private health insurance business.

"Healthcare is always going to be an expensive business, but Medibank must help keep private health insurance premiums affordable by making sure we operate as efficiently as possible. That is why we are investing in our iMed automated claims system, and in achieving integration with Medicare's eClipse claiming system," Mr Savvides continued.

"Importantly, we are also working to improve our customer service to guarantee it meets member expectations. This includes the introduction of a new, flexible retail centre staffing system, ensuring our retail staff are available when members want them," he said.

Specific initiatives include moving store openings from 9am to 10am when traffic is minimal, and changing staff hours to make more customer service officers available at peak times. Retail centres will become cashless, and functions will also be streamlined to allow retail staff to deal with complex member needs by simplifying processes and removing non essential activities.


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